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Shadow Talk Test? Meet Your Mafia Boss Essential Oils to Use

Do you feel blocked and/or confused about your life direction?Are you confused about whether life loves and supports you? Or worse, are defended against life believing it to be unkind, unloving and unsupportive? If you really think about it how insane is it to think life does not love and support you? How can life not love and support you? You are life! Being defended against life only blocks your good and makes it difficult for you to see the abundant opportunities always available. What has happened is that through the incredible power of your belief you have believed false ideas into existence, so that now you experience your worst fears as an "actual" life experience. Research shows that whatever you believe...

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Healing the Shadow The Simplest Most Direct Way To Get Free of Mind Programs

I’ve continued to be amazed that so many of you are following my, “Healing the Shadow,” series. I actually resisted sharing what I’ve discovered after years of Self Discovery as I thought no one would be interested in finding out the truth and how to become free. Since the start of the “Healing the Shadow” series the traffic to our website has catapulted us to the top 5% on Shopify (300,000+ stores), the platform we use to bring you our PurePlant Essentials store.  If you’ve been following the series since my first, “Healing the Shadow Essential Oils to Use,” blog you’ve had the opportunity to discover who you REALLY are and how the shadow functions. Today I’m going to wrap...

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Acceptance Final Stage Healing the Shadow Essential Oils to Use

Acceptance - Healing the Shadow Final StageAt the fifth-stage of Healing the Shadow you surrender and accept the truth about your dual nature as a human being. You accept that you are capable of being both an angel or a devil, or a mix of both. It is your awareness and acceptance of your light and dark elements that frees you to become whole and integrated. At this final stage you accept responsibility for your life experience and become empowered to "discern" higher choices for yourself.  "Discernment" is love and wisdom in action. Whereas "judgment" separates and divides you from the world-at-large and is fear based. Can you feel the difference energetically? You now understand that the full range of...

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Are You Experiencing Death of the Shadow Essential Oils to Use

Death of the Shadow (EGO MIND) happens in stages and follows the same stages of death as outlined by Elizabeth Kubler Ross in her book, “On Death and Dying.”Each stage of death represents the dissolution of an elaborate "ego" defense mechanism that you believe has kept you safe. But, in fact, has kept you imprisoned and living a life of lack and limitation. These defenses must unravel for you to win your Self back and become free of the shadow. Working through each stage is a cyclical process, not a linear one. Death of the shadow is like peeling an onion. Though experiencing the death of your shadow can happen all at once it usually occurs 'naturally' in stages. First...

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Emotional Triggers and Healing the Shadow Essential Oils to Use

What is an Emotional Trigger? When you feel overwhelmed and over react to a life event with intense, over whelming emotion that event represents an emotional trigger for you. To uncover the shadow of your emotional trigger to its source ask yourself the following question: What are the feelings and emotions I’m experiencing? Am I angry, fearful, worried, disappointed, sad (fill in the blank)?  When you are in the grips of an emotional trigger, or shadow possession, you may think things like, “I feel cursed,” or “why does this always happen to me,” or “what did I do to deserve this,” or (fill in the blank). You may have favorite recurring thoughts during emotional triggers. Pay attention and notice what...

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