Are You Experiencing Death of the Shadow Essential Oils to Use

Death of the Shadow (EGO MIND) happens in stages and follows the same stages of death as outlined by Elizabeth Kubler Ross in her book, “On Death and Dying.”

Each stage of death represents the dissolution of an elaborate "ego" defense mechanism that you believe has kept you safe. But, in fact, has kept you imprisoned and living a life of lack and limitation.

These defenses must unravel for you to win your Self back and become free of the shadow.

Working through each stage is a cyclical process, not a linear one. Death of the shadow is like peeling an onion. Though experiencing the death of your shadow can happen all at once it usually occurs 'naturally' in stages.

First Stage - Denial

The first stage of death of the shadow is marked by complete suppression and denial.

Everyone else, but you has a shadow.

You are completely unaware and in denial of your hidden motives and suppressed emotions.

This stage is marked by a stubborn refusal to see the ‘holographic’ nature of every life situation and your complete withholding of this truth from yourself.

This is perhaps the most difficult stage in death of the shadow.

It’s characterized by fear and panic, feeling overwhelmed, victimization, blame, hiding, withholding, shame and projection onto others of repressed shadow elements, i.e. seeing in others what you can’t see in yourself.

There is tremendous pressure and pain experienced at this stage.

Affirmation: It is safe for me to see the truth.

Best essential oils I recommend using for first stage Death of the Shadow are:

Rose Geranium - Promotes balance, relief of repressed feelings and depression.

Ylang Ylang III - Useful for dispelling fears and anxieties.

Sweet Orange - Promotes happiness, eases tension.

Tangerine - Promotes fresh and peaceful state of mind. Potent antidote for overly serious state of mind

Sweet Marjoram - Promotes deep relaxation, helpful for relieving panic attacks and emotional exhaustion. Helpful for releasing long held mental and emotional tension.

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