What Anger is Telling You Shadow Talk Essential Oils to Use

I’ve been absolutely amazed at the overwhelming interest in my blogs about Healing the Shadow.

Last week’s blog especially resonated for many of you. Some reacted with indignation while others expressed gratitude.

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How we respond to anything in life is a reflection of the meaning we give to whatever is happening.

Everyone responds differently to life events. Some people got infuriated by last week’s blog while others experienced deeper understanding about themselves. Perhaps you felt no response at all.

Your reaction, whatever it is, is great feedback about where you are with Healing Your Shadow.

So, notice how you respond to this week’s Second Stage of Death of the Shadow. No matter what stage you are primarily going through at the moment, Death of Your Shadow is what’s needed for healing to occur. 

The Second Stage for death of the shadow is Chronic Anger.

I’m not talking about the occasional “healthy” anger and frustration, but chronic states of anger in which events continually anger you, or you feel frustrated and blocked.

Chronic anger and frustration are resistance to “what is” on steroids.

Simply being in touch with your anger has a very freeing and healing effect.

You don’t have to do anything about emotions of anger, or act on them, just start naturally noticing there is a habitual mental state that attracts situations for you to feel angry about and triggers the emotion of anger.

Passive aggression may also be an issue. You may express anger in a passive aggressive way, making other people responsible for your anger.

Or, you may habitually attract people who act passive aggressively towards you, or  who have rageaholic temperaments. Both can help put you get in touch with and deal with suppressed angry emotions.

Your natural noticing, like a healing balm, will have the effect of neutralizing angry emotions.

Anger is also a symptom of feeling loss of control and the egoic mind wants desperately to feel that it’s in charge. Of course the only thing you can be truly in charge of is yourself and your own actions or re-actions.

You may become aware of tremendous guilt and shame beneath your anger (especially if you’re a woman) as you judge anger as being an unacceptable emotion.

You may believe that if you have or express anger you will be unlovable.

Being unlovable, not good enough, or in some way damaged, is a deeply buried fear that we all have.

Becoming aware of suppressed anger has a tremendously healing effect on the psyche.

Learning to express anger in a healthy way is very freeing and empowering, and results in release of a great deal of pain held deeply in the body, mind and emotions.

There is often a tremendous build-up of suppressed anger, rage and frustration starting from early childhood when you were not allowed to express your displeasure and had to stuff your true feelings.

Way back then you began interpreting the experience of angry emotions as being unacceptable and unlovable.

Affirmation: I express anger in a healthy and positive way that is healing for all concerned.

Anger represents imbalanced Fire Element. The seat of the Fire Element in the physical body is the Solar Plexus or Third Chakra. Your egoic mind and intellect are primarily located here. Your attention is usually on survival needs.

Best essential oils I recommend for Anger - the Second stage of Death of the Shadow are the Sweet and Earthy Aromas, especially:

Atlas Cedarwood - One of most grounding stabilizing oils in aromatherapy. Used extensively in perfume industry. Promotes self esteem and courage

Lemongrass - Refreshes and renews your life energies. Promotes release of negative blockages

Lavender - Absolute classic oil for promoting relief of burns (angry situations). Psycho-emotionally excellent for breaking negative self talk

Ylang Ylang III - Excellent for regulating and balancing the nervous system.

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