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4 Essential Oils for Depression

Depression is a lowered state of mood which affects one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. With depressed state of mind, a person can become moody and exhibit erratic behavior.Everyone is different about how they respond to feeling depressed. Some people get anxious while others feel sad and alone. Other common feelings associated with depression are hopelessness, guilt, shame, and low self-worth. Find out more about depression and how to handle it and the symptoms related to depressions like food binging, sleeplessness, foggy things, aches and pains and loss of motivation in a positive way in my article on 4 Positive Aromas To Try! Each of the essential oils may be effective for relieving symptoms of depression. 1. Lemon (Citrus Limonum),...

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DIY Signature Scent with Natural Products

There is absolutely nothing like having your very own exotic perfume butter. You can create a personal signature scent that is long-wearing yet subtle and not overpowering to the senses.Your own personal scent can help you express yourself, inside and out. As an added bonus, you may become more attractive and memorable to your favorite kind of people.Find out more about DIY Perfume Butter in my article on Ingredients 1 ounce colored glass container with tight-fitting lid¼ cup (4 tbsp) light coconut oil1 tsp beeswax; add less to makes your perfume butter softer and more to give it a more firm consistency.30–36 drops of pure essential oil or blend1/2 tsp shea or cocoa butter4 drops of vitamin E oilA...

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10 Traditional Wealth Attraction Oils

Plant aromatics have been used for thousands of year to enhance one’s prosperity consciousness for wealth attractionProsperity oils work on all four levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Their application either alone or in a synergy blend amplifies your electro-magnetic energy field and aligns you with the ‘sattva’ higher frequency energies of prosperity consciousness for wealth attraction.Read my article on for more about high frequency energy attractor oils.Many prosperity oils are considered “holy” oils and used traditionally in sacred healing rituals, as well as ceremonial rites of passage, purification and wealth attraction. Read more about traditional use of wealth attracting oils in my article on Prosperity oils are mood enhancers and aphrodisiacs which promote good feelings...

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Best Ways to Use Essential Oils + Relaxing Bath Blend

More and more people are taking responsibility for their health which is fueling a growing mass of followers in the, “Do It Yourself (DIY)”, revolution. The practice of aromatherapy truly lends itself to this new holistic health culture that wants to freely choose the health care systems we use and spawning a new vision of healthcare in our future. With the new scientific studies proving the benefits of using essential oil there is an increasing interest from the general public demanding that hospitals and medical centers offer safe alternatives to allopathic drugs that can produce harmful side effects. This is resulting in hospitals transitioning to offering integrative health care to its patients. Nurses and staff are receiving training and certification...

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Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste With Essential Oils - DIY

Try this all natural “remineralizing toothpaste” recipe made with pure essential oils to prevent and even reverse tooth decay.For the past 20+ years, I’ve practiced preventative dentistry. A hand-made re-mineralizing toothpaste like I’m sharing with you is part of the healthy teeth and gums program I’ve practiced to prevent, as well as even reverse tooth decay. This recipe can also help whiten your teeth and keep your gums healthy. You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of saving time and money at the dentist. It is an all too common myth that once you have a cavity the only way to “cure” it is to have a dentist drill a hole in your tooth, remove the tooth decay, and then use...

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