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Gemini New Moon Astrology

Gemini New Moon June 6, 2024 What’s It All About? Mercury (the ruler of the Gemini New Moon) has just entered its own sign of Gemini and conjunct Jupiter (also newly stationed in Gemini until June 2025). The pairing of Mercury and Jupiter expands your mental circuitry and activates your mind for renewal at the Gemini new moon. Mercury’s natural placement in the zodiac is the 3rd house which represents your conscious everyday thinking mind, or the lower mind. Mercury also rules how you perceive reality, your thought patterns, attitudes and judgments. How you get on in relationships in general, and with your neighbors and siblings, is represented in this house. Your style of communication and what you like to...

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Sagittarius Full Moon Astrology

Sagittarius Full Moon May 23, 2024 What’s It All About? Sagittarius is ruled by the most giant planet of our solar system. Its size is only second to the sun. Every planet in our solar system can easily fit into Jupiter’s massive expanse. The natural placement for Sagittarius on the zodiac wheel is the 9th house. Until Neptune was discovered in 1846, Jupiter was the considered the ruler of Pisces. The 9th house pertains to matters related to the higher mind, the law, rules and regulations, higher education and teaching, publishing, social conscience/awareness, wisdom, the higher intuition, inspiration, philosophy and religion. The 9th house also relates to long distance travel, foreign affairs and exploration of that which is unknown. One,...

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Taurus New Moon Astrology

Taurus New Moon May 8, 2024 What’s It All About? Taurus' natural placement in the zodiac is the 2nd house of self-worth, personal health/well-being, material resources, assets and finances. The ruler of the 2nd house is Venus (the planet of love and pleasure). Resources, issues of self- worth, material possessions and basic physical and emotional sustenance are all matters connected to your 2nd house. During this time, you may initiate new projects, or financial goals. Perhaps, you’ll make plans to save for your retirement. You may take concrete actions to improve your material circumstances in some way. Money, your earning capacity and material circumstances, can be top of mind now. What you value can undergo major shifts and fresh new...

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Scorpio Full Moon Astrology

Scorpio Full Moon April 23, 2024 What’s It All About? Pluto is the modern-day ruler of the 8th house on the zodiac wheel. The 8th house is the area of your life representing your intimate associations with others. It can show you your relation with other people’s money, if you have an inheritance, the type of relations you have with business partners, or husband(s), taxes and debt, the prevalence of mystical experiences, as well as, deep psychological and emotional issues. Issues related to the 1st house (ruled by Mars and the traditional ruler of Scorpio) such as your physical appearance and how you identify yourself/self-image can also be in the spotlight during the Scorpio Full Moon. As Scorpio is co-ruled...

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Aries New Moon Total Solar Eclipse Astrology

Aries New Moon - Total Solar EclipseApril 8, 2024What’s It All About? The path of the Aries Total Solar Eclipse is visible as it passes over the South Pacific Ocean and across Mexico, then the United States where it crosses Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. The Aries Solar Eclipse will continue on across Southern Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton, and finally exit the North American continent off the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The areas where an Eclipse can be viewed are more likely to experience the most intense changes although everyone will be feeling the intensity of this Eclipse worldwide. With the Aries/Libra...

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