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Virgo New Moon Astrology

Virgo New Moon September 3, 2024 What’s It All About? The moon governs security issues and your feelings of emotional safety. The Virgo New Moon further augments the new beginnings coming in for you personally and for our world. Keep your frequency high and focus on the positive and the possibilities being ushered in now. At this Virgo new moon your emotional security is all about expansion and radical change. You may feel a natural impulse to re-organize and bring order to anything that feels out of place. Habits and routines may be reassessed and give way to new organization especially related to your work life. If you’re being offered a chance to change you may want to go for...

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Aquarius Full Moon Astrology - Pure State of Awareness Meditation

Aquarius Full Moon August 19, 2024 What’s It All About? A Full Moon always brings illumination and realization especially in the area of your chart where the Full Moon is occurring, as well as the opposite sign where the Sun is transiting. The polarity of opposites is brought into clear focus for integration and healing. A full Moon represents a culmination point. Relationship Patterns The axis of the Aquarius Full Moon (which rules the 11th house of friends and associations) and Leo Sun (which rules the 5th house of self-expression and creativity) represents your own unique individual self-expression in your relationship with others. You may be able to have some inner realizations about your relationship patterns that attract certain people,...

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Capricorn Full Moon Astrology

Capricorn Full Moon July 21, 2024 What’s It All About? Yes, we have two Capricorn full moons in a row. Certainly highlighting the completion cycle we are in with old structures and ways ending. Pluto's final transit in Capricorn and Conjunction to the Capricorn Full Moon also marks the significance of the endings now taking place. Top down authoritarian structures, might makes right and dominance of those weaker in society must now give way to the new collective awareness/consciousness awakening and coming online. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the planet that brings structure and foundations to your earthly affairs through limitation and restriction. Structures give stability to society with laws, rules and regulations which give rise to governing systems. Every...

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Leo New Moon Astrology

Leo New Moon August 4, 2024 What’s It All About? A New Moon always brings new beginnings and fresh starts in the area of your personal life where the new moon is occurring. This can be a sunny time for you when you experience more of a cheerful disposition and warm heartedness towards others. You could find yourself at center stage. Perhaps you’re giving a performance/presentation of some type. Leo’s ruler is the Sun.  The Sun shines its radiant light to bring warmth and life to whatever it touches. Its brilliance can eradicate the darkest of shadows. The Sun is the universal symbol for Consciousness and the power of awareness to overcome ignorance. Radiance and showering light are Leo’s super...

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Cancer New Moon Astrology

Cancer New Moon July 5, 2024 What’s It All About? The Cancer New Moon brings wonderful opportunities for fresh, new starts for your home and family. Letting go of any old emotional baggage at the dark of the moon can free you to receive more of the support you may be longing for. Your moon is your spiritual divining rod and represents the most psychically sensitive (and intuitive) area in your chart. Which means, there can be a BIG emotional ending/cleansing/purging that precludes the Cancer New Moon. Releasing the past can feel like the end of your life in some way. The bigger the release the more open you will be to receive the influx of energies available to you...

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