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Resolution Security Matters Cancer Full Moon Astrology +Angel Meditation & EO

Cancer Full Moon December 26, 2023 What’s It All About? All matters related to Cancer (home, family, roots, security) are in the spotlight for celebration and completion. Things can now come full circle for you in this area of your life. The Cancer Full Moon marks a time of celebration for home and family. Early childhood issues can be illuminated for a full and complete disclosure that may be long overdue. Letting go of deeply rooted past family issues is important if you’re to enjoy the fulfillment of dreams yet to come. Cancer Personality Cancer natives can be quite goofy with a lively sense of humor. They’re sense of light heartedness can mask a deep insecurity. This is because Cancer’s...

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Big Bold Fresh New Starts Sagittarius New Moon Astrology +Angel Meditation & EO

Sagittarius New Moon December 12, 2023 What’s It All About? Expect big and bold fresh new starts for all things related to Sagittarius and its 9th house placement on the zodiac wheel. An awesome new beginning is set to place in the area of your life where Sagittarius is located in your astrology chart, as well as your 9th house. Are you considering going back to school, or planning a global adventure to some foreign destination? Or, are you finding that your philosophy about life is getting fresh new insights? Are you beginning to think differently about things? Sagittarius Personality Jupiter (often associated with Santa Claus) is the ruler of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter is the biggest and...

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Celebrate Connections Gemini Full Moon Astrology +Angel Meditation & EO

Gemini Full Moon November 27, 2023 What’s It All About? The luscious Gemini Full Moon brings you a time to celebrate the fulfillment and completion of something. Perhaps, if you’re a writer a new book, or a teacher the launch of a new course. Communications and connections of all kinds are highlighted. Usually, the local neighborhood, or locations close to home, are most effected with Gemini, ruler of the 3rd house. Going hyper local with a digital influence can take on an even broader appeal. This is a great moon for reviewing the 2023 year to clear away any stagnant energy in preparation for the new year. It’s a great time for socializing in your local community. Making new friends...

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Great Purge Scorpio New Moon Astrology +Angel Meditation & EO to Use

Scorpio New Moon November 13, 2023 What’s it all about? The Scorpio New Moon activates new beginnings. In the deepest regions of your psyche. The deepest stirrings of new growth within yourself are being activated at this time. Much can be released just before the new moon when it is at its darkest phase of the cycle. Much can come to the surface for release at this time. Dark forces at work beneath the surface may be exposed. The Scorpio New is primarily about healing and regeneration. Much must be purged for you (and humanity) to move forward. Saturn Stationary Direct at 0° Pisces (exact November 4th) signals a coming to terms with the need for change that is constructive...

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Culmination Taurus Lunar Eclipse Astrology +Angel Meditation & EO to Use

Taurus Full Moon - Partial Lunar Eclipse October 28, 2023 This is the final eclipse in Taurus. The North Node will shift into the sign of Aries. On April 8, 2024 we will have a total solar eclipse at 19° Aries. A Full Moon always brings illumination and realization especially in the area of your chart where the Full Moon is occurring, as well as the opposite sign where the Sun is transiting. The polarity of opposites brought into focus initiate release and healing. A full Moon represents a culmination point. What’s it all about? Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of human love and pleasure. The restaurant, travel and leisure industries can get a welcomed boost of energy...

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