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Aromatherapy Archetypes - The Female Athlete - Monoterpenols

Based on their distinguishing qualities, each of the 12 chemical families can be divided into 12 Archetypes and their characteristic Elemental Powers.These 12 archetypes, and their chemical families, tell us about the therapeutic properties, actions and effects of essential oils.You can select essential oils to use alone, or in a formulation, to promote healing for specific conditions, based on their specific archetype and therapeutic chemical properties, actions and effects. PLEASE NOTE: Depending upon the percentage(s) of a chemical component that comprises an oil, it can be classed in more than one chemical family. Monoterpenes (are -terpenes). Check out last week’s blog, Aromatherapy Archetypes - 12 Natural Healers - The Male Athlete, to find out about monoterpenes and essential oils in this class of chemical...

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Aromatherapy Archetypes - 12 Natural Healers - The Male Athlete

Chemistry is the science of aromatherapy. This brief introduction and explanation of the organic building blocks of essential oils is meant to be a helpful reference  guide you can refer to as needed. It will give you a basic understanding about the chemical make up of essential oils, and their therapeutic properties, actions and effects. Using archetypes to describe each of the chemical families can make it more fun and easy to remember all of the families. Aromatherapy Archetypes - 12 Natural Healers can also be used as a quick reference for blending ideas and information on the healing properties for each chemical family.  Essential oils are composed of complex mixtures of volatile organic compounds. All of life is made of...

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Stress Got You Down? Try Adaptogenic Super Oils

Common symptoms and complaints that can indicate you may need some adaptogenic essential oil therapy, include:Extreme mood swings, depressive anxiety, manic emotional states, hormonal imbalance.Associated complaints that may benefit from these adaptogenic super oils include: Substance abuse, addiction, hopelessness, panic attacks, feeling overwhelmed, lethargy, pessimism, emotional numbness, tearfulness, emotional eating, hot flashes, PMS, menstrual cramps, among others. Adaptogens (aka regulators) are non-toxic plants and aromatic oils that show a marketed capacity to help the body to adapt to stressors of all kinds, whether they be physical, psycho-emotional, chemical or biological. Herbs, roots and plant aromatics have been used for centuries by many healing traditions to cure and restore health. Today, with our extremely fast paced modern day lifestyle, adaptogenic herbs, plant extracts and...

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Have You Lost Your Enthusiasm for Life? Try Euphoric Super Oils

Common symptoms and complaints that may indicate the need for euphoric essential oil therapy, include:Lack of self confidence, shyness, moodiness, unstable emotions, controlling, habitual and possessive behaviors, repetitive low vibration thoughts, isolation, fear, worry, boredom, lethargy. The word "enthusiastic" was first coined by the Greeks and meant “possessed by god’s essence.” When you’re filled with enthusiasm for life and the feeling of being alive there's nothing you feel you can’t do. You look forward to each day with renewed optimism and faith in the unseen adventures life will bring you. Children are quite naturally filled with an enthusiastic spirit and throw themselves into every activity with wild abandon. Euphoria is the experience (or affect) of feeling enthusiasm for life. Euphoric feelings...

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Better than Coffee as a Stimulant Stress Free & Non Addictive Super Oils

Common symptoms and complaints that may indicate the need for some type of restorative essential oil therapy, include:Mental and physical fatigue, poor memory, concentration and inability to focus. Associated complaints that may benefit from these restorative, revitalizing essential oils include: Weight gain, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, migraine headache, restless leg syndrome and sleep disorders. A study on ‘Olfactory Influences,’ published in PubMed in 2017, found clear and consistent evidence that lemon oil inhalation enhances positive mood and increases the release of norepinephrine. As a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) in the central nervous system, norepinephrine can improve energy, increase alertness and arousal, as well as speed reaction time. Norepinephrine, also known as noradrenaline, is both a hormone and a brain neurotransmitter, or chemical. Norepinephrine increases heart rate and blood...

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