Making A Difference

Pure and Natural Living with Essential Oils and a Legacy of Making a Difference have been at the heart of our company culture from the very beginning. A commitment to caring for people and the planet is a driving force behind everything we do.

We have always been committed to providing our customers with a superior, unsurpassed aromatherapy experience. To achieve this high standard of excellence we offer only 100% pure premium quality natural (unadulterated) oils that have been GC/MS Tested for Purity. 

As an eco-friendly company PurePlant Essentials is committed to building long-term conscious and creative fair trade partnerships with the world’s finest distillers. We are an economically just and environmentally sustainable company and continually seek to support mutually beneficial relationships between growers, distillers and consumers.

It is through our mutual success with the world's finest growers and distillers that we contribute to a growing network of worker co-operatives and fair trade that will help create a more equitable, democratic and sustainable world. In this way we hope to ensure that authentic pure essential oils of premium quality and purity are available for our future generations.

Help us make a difference by joining our global family and help pass along our legacy to preserve and protect our home on mother earth as a beautiful place to live for future generations.

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