Emotional Triggers and Healing the Shadow Essential Oils to Use

What is an Emotional Trigger?

When you feel overwhelmed and over react to a life event with intense, over whelming emotion that event represents an emotional trigger for you.

To uncover the shadow of your emotional trigger to its source ask yourself the following question:

What are the feelings and emotions I’m experiencing?

Am I angry, fearful, worried, disappointed, sad (fill in the blank)? 

When you are in the grips of an emotional trigger, or shadow possession, you may think things like, “I feel cursed,” or “why does this always happen to me,” or “what did I do to deserve this,” or (fill in the blank).

You may have favorite recurring thoughts during emotional triggers.

Pay attention and notice what is happening when you experience an emotional trigger.

These states of “shadow possession” twist your perceptions and viewpoint  about what is happening and keep you locked into negative repeating patterns of experience.

As you naturally notice what happens during an emotional trigger you will become more resilient and able to respond to the present moment more openly and more options will become apparent.

Always remember, It’s NOT what happens in your life that gives you your results, but HOW you respond to whatever happens that gives you your results.

When you receive, rather than resist an emotional trigger and naturally notice what’s occurring, you automatically free yourself from its grips.

More useful and resourceful ways to respond in the moment will surface and become apparent. You begin to see how the way you choose to respond will get you better results.

You’re like a martial artist who through receiving the attack (emotional trigger), instead of resisting it, is able to re-direct it to work for you instead of against against you.

Stand your ground when accosted by a trigger. Through remaining true to yourself you have the powerful ability to shift energy and create change in your life. 

Emotional Trigger Oils

The essential oils I recommend for helping you get free of emotional triggers are:

Frankincense - promotes integrity with Self

Black Spruce - promotes mental clarity

Himalayan Cedarwood - fortifying effect on mind and emotions

Helichrysum - healing old emotional trauma and shock

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