Healing the Shadow The Simplest Most Direct Way To Get Free of Mind Programs

I’ve continued to be amazed that so many of you are following my, “Healing the Shadow,” series.

I actually resisted sharing what I’ve discovered after years of Self Discovery as I thought no one would be interested in finding out the truth and how to become free.

Since the start of the “Healing the Shadow” series the traffic to our website has catapulted us to the top 5% on Shopify (300,000+ stores), the platform we use to bring you our PurePlant Essentials store. 

If you’ve been following the series since my first, “Healing the Shadow Essential Oils to Use,” blog you’ve had the opportunity to discover who you REALLY are and how the shadow functions.

Today I’m going to wrap things up for you by revealing the simplest most direct way to get free of the mind programs that control your life.

I hope by now you know that you are not a program. Nor are you any idea or image that you or anyone else has about you.

The truth is the mind operates like a computer and the programs you are conditioned with are the software that runs the computer. The mind is a vast network of collective data. You inherit these programs and are conditioned to believe them about yourself and life.

Increasing Your Emotional Set Point

One of the most important steps to healing the shadow is increasing your emotional set point.

Just how good can you allow yourself to feel?

There is a glass ceiling, or emotional set point, that keeps you experiencing emotions within a certain range.

This means you have a pre-set comfort zone for just how good or bad you can allow yourself to feel without feeling pain or discomfort.

3 Ways To Raise Your Emotional Set Point  

  1. Framing things in a positive way. This means that you see things as working for you on your behalf to help you succeed.
  2. Sending love, compassion and acceptance to yourself will elevate your emotional set point.
  3. See all things working together for good, no matter the appearance. It is a mis-perception if you believe any appearance as working against anyone. There is only one life force energy supporting all of creation. It’s impossible for life to be against you or anyone else.

Self Discovery

Self discovery or “self inquiry” was taught by the Indian saint Ramana Maharshi. Ramana used the question, “Who Am I?” in meditation for revelation of the “spiritual heart,” awakening to the true Self.

Recently popularized by Eckhart Tolle, “self inquiry" has been shown to be an effective way to heal your shadow and free you from shadow possession.

When you do self discovery or “self inquiry” you move beyond the intellect to the space behind your question to experience your true Self.

At first “self inquiry” can feel like a mental exercise. If there is “self doubt” about “who you are” the mind will distract you.

Today there are many Advaita Vedanta teachers teaching “self inquiry.” It’s a very simple and direct method for connecting to your “spiritual heart” and realizing your true Self.

Self doubt is the main obstacle that you must overcome.

Self Honesty

The main way to overcome self doubt is self honesty. To heal your shadow “false” ego self you must develop your capacity for self honesty.

Self love and acceptance for yourself and others naturally grows as you learn to trust yourself.

As you go through the process to embrace your authentic natural Self you may experience raw, uncensored and intense mental attitudes and emotions that have been repressed in the shadow.

In a moment I’ll show how to cut yourself free of any toxic mental and emotional patterns that may surface through the power of observation and silent witnessing.

However, for some people the purging and release can feel so intense and overwhelming that you may wish to work with a trained professional to get support through the process of recovery and awakening to your true Self.

Power of Observation

All the methods we’ve discussed throughout the, “Healing the Shadow,” series have been primarily focused on the body mind level. This way is very slow and can be fraught with many challenges.

I myself followed this slow route for many years without much progress in the grand scheme of things. I realized if I was to experience freedom in this lifetime I was going to have to do something radically different.

The mind is not an instrument for healing the shadow as its dual nature is part of the problem.

Consciousness, however, which gives rise to the mind can be used effectively to recognize your true Self. In fact consciousness can ONLY recognize consciousness. Essential oils are effective for healing the shadow and helping you recognize the Self because they work at the level of consciousness.

The simplest way to heal the shadow and overcome self doubt about who you really are is simply through observing, being the “silent” witness.

You are the observer, the silent witness of everything that happens in life. You are the peaceful presence that gives rise to everything. 

Simply being the observer of whatever is happening has a neutralizing effect upon the mind and emotions and brings peace and contentment.

Try it yourself and see what happens!

Healing is inherent to life and occurs naturally through the process of observation and developing your capacity to be the silent witness of what is happening. Rather than identifying with anything that is happening.

Everything in the phenomenal world is passing while “who you are” is stable and unchanging.

It can take awhile to shift to this position of the “silent witness” of life events. The habit of the collective mind to believe false ideas about existence must lose their repetitive force and magnetic attraction.

As you withdraw the source of power from energizing any false “mis-creations” that you have wrongly believed into existence they will eventually dissolve.

This is true freedom!

Best Essential Oils for Self Honesty and Being the Silent Witness

Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) - Steam Distilled Root. One of best locations for growing and distilling is Nepal.

 Aromas: Sweet, earthy, resinous, woody, exotic, sensual, warm, radiant 

  • Most powerful sedative action in aromatherapy
  • Excellent as an anointing and healing oil for ceremonies
  • Ideal meditation oil
  • Traditionally used in many incense formulas
  • Regulating properties promote balance
  • Promotes emotional healing and release of old fears and anxiety stemming from past traumas.
  • In the foot balm Mary Magdalene used to anoint her master’s feet in the New Testament of the Bible.

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