Acceptance Final Stage Healing the Shadow Essential Oils to Use

Acceptance - Healing the Shadow Final Stage

At the fifth-stage of Healing the Shadow you surrender and accept the truth about your dual nature as a human being.

You accept that you are capable of being both an angel or a devil, or a mix of both.

It is your awareness and acceptance of your light and dark elements that frees you to become whole and integrated.

At this final stage you accept responsibility for your life experience and become empowered to "discern" higher choices for yourself. 

"Discernment" is love and wisdom in action. Whereas "judgment" separates and divides you from the world-at-large and is fear based. Can you feel the difference energetically?

You now understand that the full range of choices for “how you can choose to behave” are on the menu and must be if you’re to have the “free will” of choice to make of yourself and your life what you will.

Through this final stage of acceptance you can access one of your greatest powers as a human being, the power of transcendence.

Transcendence means to move beyond the ordinary limits of what you imagine possible. Like the phoenix you have the power to rise from the ashes and experience a new life.

Best essential oils I recommend for this Fifth stage of Acceptance and Healing the Shadow are the Peace Oils:

#1 Neroli - Aromas: Fresh, citrus, floral, sweet, warm, radiant, exotic, sensual - May be helpful for relieving shock, trauma, depression, anxiety. Has an affinity with the precious gemstone diamond. Promotes inner peace and happiness. Aphrodisiac properties nourish feelings of self love and acceptance.

Sweet Orange - Aromas: Fresh, sweet, citrus, fruity - Promotes happiness, eases tension.

Rose - Aromas: Sweet, rosy, floral, exotic & sensual - BEST oil for freeing emotions and emotional expression. An aphrodisiac Rose enhances sexual attractiveness, sex appeal and feelings of self worth.

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