Shadow Co-dependence Relationship Addiction Essential Oils to Use

Co-dependent relationships are those characterized by a kind of dysfunctional helping behavior.

These relationships are where one person supports, enables, or otherwise makes excuses for another person's addictive behavior, immaturity, irresponsibility, under achievement or poor mental health habits.

You can, and often do, become co-dependent with your own shadow.

Shadow co-dependence is characterized by repeated patterns of self-sabotage and all of the other characteristic attributes of co-dependence with another person.

Two Characteristics of Shadow Co-dependence

  1. Obsession 

    One of the key characteristic signs that you’re in an addictive relationship with your shadow is obsession.

    An obsession is when an idea or thought, person, place or situation continually captures your attention. When you’re in the grips of your own shadow the object of your obsession dominates your mind. You can’t think of anything else.

  2. Guilt

    The second sign of co-dependence with your shadow is guilt.

    Your shadow continually plays the guilt game to stay in power and control of your behavior through guilting you for committing an actual or perceived offensive behavior, or crime.

    When you feel inherently guilty then feelings of self worth and self esteem are greatly undermined. You may have continual situations and feelings of having to prove yourself worthy time and time again.

    You are never good enough!

    The shadow plays the guilt game with you in order to induce you to do something that may cause further negative feelings about yourself. Your belief in your shadow gives it power over you and it maintains control.

Best essential oils I recommend for Shadow Co-dependence:

Lemon - Psycho-emotionally helps you stay in control of your emotions and emotional outbursts. Powerful astringent properties help you cut through and break obsessive, negative thought patterns and think fresh thoughts.

Frankincense frereana and carterii - promotes integrity with Self, enduring emotional and spiritual support.

Eucalyptus radiata and globulus - Psycho-emotionally good for relieving congested thoughts. Promotes fresh thoughts and ideas.

Black Pepper - One of best oils for breaking negative self talk.

Black Spruce - Helps restore sense of passion for life. Promotes mental clarity.

Lemongrass - Refreshes and renews your life energies. Promotes release of negative blockages. Wealth attraction oil, alone or in a blend.

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