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Shadow Co-dependence Relationship Addiction Essential Oils to Use

Co-dependent relationships are those characterized by a kind of dysfunctional helping behavior.These relationships are where one person supports, enables, or otherwise makes excuses for another person's addictive behavior, immaturity, irresponsibility, under achievement or poor mental health habits. You can, and often do, become co-dependent with your own shadow. Shadow co-dependence is characterized by repeated patterns of self-sabotage and all of the other characteristic attributes of co-dependence with another person. Two Characteristics of Shadow Co-dependence Obsession One of the key characteristic signs that you’re in an addictive relationship with your shadow is obsession.An obsession is when an idea or thought, person, place or situation continually captures your attention. When you’re in the grips of your own shadow the object of your obsession...

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Bargaining & Healing the Shadow Essential Oils to Use

This third stage of healing of the shadow is characterized by negotiating or buying your way out of the situation. You trade off taking a "good look" at what's beneath the "shadow" and becoming completely aware of the truth, so that healing may occur, for a temporary high or feeling of safety.  Addictions of all kinds including retail therapy, food binging, alcohol and drugs are a few favorite ways of bargaining and distracting yourself from facing the truth. We’ll see and accept "this" much, but no more. We can only allow ourselves to become aware of so much of the truth. The third stage of healing the shadow is characterized by tremendous suppression of guilt and shame. You may suddenly...

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Emotional Detoxification Ritual with Essential Oils

We all experience periods of intense emotional detox. Sometimes these waves of emotional detox intertwine with one another. You may feel physically drained, or exhausted. The tendency is to go into your mind and start thinking about how to resolve the issues that keep cropping up which can leave you feeling more exhausted and confused. Toxic emotions which stem from negative beliefs and attitudinal patterns need to be purged. Distracting yourself with addictive coping strategies and a fix-it mentality does not work long term. The best response at these times is to relax and allow any confusion to settle. Clarity naturally arises and you know what actions to take if any are needed. When you are in an extended axis of...

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