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2023 Mercury Retrograde Dates What's It All About & Essential Oils to Use

We end 2022 and start 2023 with a Mercury Retrograde. This means worldwide everyone is in a review of mindset. Both at individual and local levels, as well as corporate and governmental levels. The international order of our world is undergoing a profound reset. Re-evaluation Established attitudes and beliefs are being reevaluated. Everything is up in the air with Mars retrograde in Gemini tremendously amplifying the impact of the review that’s taking place. What do you value? Have your values changed? How are you connecting and communicating with others and within yourself? Mercury can be a very tricky planet, bringing much chaos and confusion, along with its review. This is purposeful as your confusion helps to bring about the changes...

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Mercury Retrograde Dates For 2020

Mercury retrograde usually happens 3-4 times a year.  Mercury represents your conscious, everyday, thinking mind. Just as Mercury ‘appears’ to start going backward in the sky, your conscious, everyday thinking mind, can also take an about face and shift backward, as well. When a planet Stations Retrograde the planet is said to be asleep. You enter the dreamtime when your intuition becomes heightened. Any of your everyday thought patterns that may undermine your making supportive connections and having effective communications in the world are up for review. Mercury Retrograde activates changes and upgrades to your thinking and how you connect the dots. Do you see connections and similarities between things? Or, only how things are different? It’s okay to see...

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What is Mercury Retrograde and How to Survive It - Essential Oils to Use

Mercury retrograde usually happens 3-4 times a year. Your mind’s natural intuitive review process occurs during a mercury retrograde. You can use essential oils to ameliorate the mercury retrograde influence, soften any harsh planetary influences, enhance your planetary rulers and all the zodiac signs. In this article you’ll find out three easy to use aromatherapy hacks, along with a few insider tips that can make a 3-week mercury retrograde a breeze to navigate. Now you can experience few, if any, disruptions. And, if the mercury retrograde effect does occur, you’ll know exactly what to do to get right back on track. Why Do Planets Effect You? “As above, so below, as within, so without,” is a famous axiom of the...

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