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Mercury Retrograde Dates 2022 +Essential Oil to Use

Mercury retrograde usually happens 3-4 times a year.In 2021 we end our year with Mercury entering his Retrograde Shadow. Then in 2022 we end 2022 and start 2023 with a Mercury Retrograde Station.What does this means for you? The need for continual review of your mindset (attitudes and beliefs) and how you connect and communicate with others (and within yourself) is highlighted over the next two years. These review periods will get amped up and turbo charged during the usual 3-week Retrograde Cycle. The universe is putting you (and our world at large) on red alert notice that dramatic shifts and changes in your mindset are needed over the next two years.  Mercury can be a very tricky planet, bringing...

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Mercury Retrograde Dates For 2020

Mercury retrograde usually happens 3-4 times a year.  Mercury represents your conscious, everyday, thinking mind. Just as Mercury ‘appears’ to start going backward in the sky, your conscious, everyday thinking mind, can also take an about face and shift backward, as well. When a planet Stations Retrograde the planet is said to be asleep. You enter the dreamtime when your intuition becomes heightened. Any of your everyday thought patterns that may undermine your making supportive connections and having effective communications in the world are up for review. Mercury Retrograde activates changes and upgrades to your thinking and how you connect the dots. Do you see connections and similarities between things? Or, only how things are different? It’s okay to see...

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