What is Mercury Retrograde and How to Survive It - Essential Oils to Use

Mercury retrograde usually happens 3-4 times a year.

Your mind’s natural intuitive review process occurs during a mercury retrograde. You can use essential oils to ameliorate the mercury retrograde influence, soften any harsh planetary influences, enhance your planetary rulers and all the zodiac signs.

In this article you’ll find out three easy to use aromatherapy hacks, along with a few insider tips that can make a 3-week mercury retrograde a breeze to navigate. Now you can experience few, if any, disruptions. And, if the mercury retrograde effect does occur, you’ll know exactly what to do to get right back on track.

Why Do Planets Effect You?

“As above, so below, as within, so without,” is a famous axiom of the mystic Hermes Trismegistus, author of the, Hermetic Corpus, an ancient book about the laws of the universe. This law simply means there is a nonlocal relationship between everything in nature. In other words, what is occurring in the heavens reflects what is happening back here on earth for you.

The ancients viewed themselves as life. There was no separation between themselves and the things they witnessed happening in life. They also recognized that everything in life was happening spontaneously. Like movie goers they watched the stars because they wanted to understand the story that was unfolding before them and their place in the cosmos.

They recognized that changes in the heaven’s, like the planet mercury’s apparent retrograde motion, coincided with important events happening in their own lives, so they watched the stars and made plans accordingly.

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury doesn’t actually move backward, since it is the closest planet to the Sun its orbit around the Sun is much shorter than Earth’s. Mercury orbits the Sun about three or four times a year. When mercury speeds past the Earth it appears to start going backward in its orbit.

This is an optical illusion similar to when you're passing a car on the freeway, or you're on a train that's pulling out of the railway station. The car you're passing, or the railway station platform you're leaving appear to be moving backward (retrograde).

Attitude And Mindset

Everyone of us have the planet mercury somewhere in our astrology chart. Mercury represents your conscious intellect. The primary way of feeling your mercury is through your attitude or mindset. You can’t really tangibly see someone’s attitude, but you can certainly feel the vibes of their mindset. If someone has a bad attitude you can feel it!

Mercury influences the way you connect with others and your style of communication.

Gifts Of Mercury Retrograde Cycle

Have you ever noticed that Life is always presenting you with new challenges to overcome?

The play of existence is transcendence, overcoming obstacles, and it is never more apparent than during a mercury retrograde cycle. 

Mercury Retrograde

Have you ever noticed how things start is how they go? How
the Mercury Retrograde cycle starts for you will give you some indication about how the entire 3-week mercury retrograde cycle will go for you. You'll also get a glimpse into the themes that will be at work. You need to be extra flexible and make adjustments in your mental attitude during a mercury retrograde cycle.

As a formulator of essential oil blends and metaphysician for more than three decades, I frequently get mercury retrograde complaints.

Years ago I broke the code for what essential oils to use to enhance the planetary rulers of the different zodiac signs.

Find out the essential oils I recommend most for ameliorating any harsh effects of a Mercury Retrograde 3-Week Cycle in my next article in this series (link below).

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READ My Next Article in this series, Mercury Retrograde Dates 2018 Essential Oils to Use.  

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