2023 Mercury Retrograde Dates What's It All About & Essential Oils to Use

We end 2022 and start 2023 with a Mercury Retrograde.

This means worldwide everyone is in a review of mindset. Both at individual and local levels, as well as corporate and governmental levels. The international order of our world is undergoing a profound reset.


Established attitudes and beliefs are being reevaluated. Everything is up in the air with Mars retrograde in Gemini tremendously amplifying the impact of the review that’s taking place.

What do you value?
Have your values changed?
How are you connecting and communicating with others and within yourself?

Mercury can be a very tricky planet, bringing much chaos and confusion, along with its review. This is purposeful as your confusion helps to bring about the changes needed.

Trying to force things during this time can be met with a great deal of anger and frustration, or even depression which is a kind of anger turned inward.

Inner Attunement 

While attunement (bringing inner harmony) within yourself will help you assess the needs of the moment and understand the best course of action. When you are faced with obstacles the act of attunement helps you to make the necessary adjustments and navigate your way to success.

As we start 2023 with a Mercury Stationary Retrograde, it may be that we will experience the same kind of limbo as in 2022 for most of 2023. Where everything feels up in the air and it’s challenging to make decisions. Additionally, the 23 (in 2023) is a five number. This year will probably fly by with lots of drama and media coverage. There can also be more of a feeling that worldwide change is ramping up. It could be a more crazy time than in previous years. Though there’s also the potential for more levity in the process.

Unprecedented Change!

The number that rules Mercury is the number five (5). Mercury’s retrograde at the end of 2022 and start of 2023 multiplies the effect Mercury’s five power. Five is the number of Magic. It can also represent mayhem that can result from much fevered communication that gives rise to drama, misinformation and rampant gossip. A five year can seem to pass more quickly. Sudden technological advancements, as well as breakdowns and disruptions can also result.

2022 may seem staid in comparison to what 2023 may present us with. There can be tremendous volatility and instability. An up and down roller coaster ride can be the best way to describe the energies playing out in 2023.

New Reality

We’re continuing to re-orient our sense of time to a profoundly new reality as our world undergoes profound changes. As in 2022, the usual ways of relating and connecting with others, within our world, and even within our own selves, is getting a major reset.

The tremendous changes happening are augmented by other astrological occurrences now. Such as, the nodes beginning their shift into Aries (north node) and Libra (south node). Also, Jupiter will take a quick spin back through Aries, and meet up with the north node in the early degrees of Taurus as he heads into Taurus mid-May to mid-June for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024.

We also have Pluto sticking her a toe into Aquarius towards the last two weeks of March until mid-June. And, Saturn stepping into Pisces for a 2 1/2 year stay.

So, lots of change this year!

Mercury in Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus & Virgo)

Remember, Mercury represents your conscious, everyday, thinking mind. Just as Mercury ‘appears’ to start going backward in the sky, your conscious, everyday thinking mind, can also take an about face and shift backward, as well. When a planet Stations Retrograde the planet is said to be asleep. You enter the dreamtime when your intuition becomes heightened.

Any of your everyday thought patterns that may undermine your making supportive connections and having effective communications in the world are up for review during a Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde activates changes and upgrades to your thinking and how you connect the dots. Do you see connections and similarities between things? Or, do you only see how things are different? It’s okay to see what’s revealed during Mercury’s retrograde, so that your mind can be upgraded to new levels and ways of thinking about things. More peace and harmony for yourself and others can result.

Though some changes may be necessary for implementation during Mercury’s Retrograde phase, most the changes will primarily get underway after Mercury has Stationed Direct again. After Mercury has made his complete review. Generally, you want to have a ‘wait see’ approach during Mercury’s Retrograde as all of the information needed for making decisions may not yet be known.

When Mercury is Retrograde much information can come to awareness. Clarity for implementing changes may only come after Mercury Stations Direct.

Mercury Retrograde Affect

Of course, it is an optical illusion that Mercury starts going backward in the sky. Just as when looking out a car window the traffic you are passing looks like it’s going backward as you pass it. But really your car is going faster and passing the other cars, not that they are going backward.

This close proximity of Mercury to the Sun makes for strongly felt electrical currents that affect your thoughts and bring about electro-magnetic field occurrences. Thus, disruptions in your usual activities may result. Mercury Retrograde’s electro-magnetic influences are helping clear away any interference or weakness in your thinking and electro-magnetic fields. Mercury Retrograde can also  reveal any weaknesses or faults in electrical or electronic devices or equipment that connects you to the world and supports communication, like cars, trains and computers.

We are electro-chemical beings and nothing can happen in life without a relationship or some sort of connection or communication. Mercury rules the electrical communications sphere of material life. When he goes asleep (retrograde) your intuition which is the voice you were born with for communicating within yourself and with others telepathically can become louder. Your intuition has a spiritual source, but Mercury has a physical or phenomenal source which is supplied by the electro-magnetic currents of the earth. This is why when Mercury goes asleep you can (potentially) notice your intuition more loudly.

With your rational mind offline the possibilities are endless for making those right connections. It’s a serendipitous time when seeming coincidences can line up for you. Out of the blue extraordinary happenings that you could never have planned for in a million years suddenly can happen.

Best Essential Oil to Use in 2023

Generally, the essential oils that can be most helpful during each of the Mercury Retrogrades happening during 2023 are the earthy and grounding scents. The earthy scents have a stabilizing and grounding effect on the nervous system which can get really amped up and stressed during Mercury’s retrograde.

Ylang Ylang III (Cananga odorata)

Aromas: Sweet, floral, balsamic, exotic, sensual and earthy

Ylang Ylang III is comprised almost entirely of sesquiterpene chemical compounds. Sesquiterpenes are known for their powerful sedative action which makes Ylang Ylang III my number one choice for the 2023 Mercury Retrogrades.

Mercury will station retrograde in Sagittarius in 2023 and we will once again start our new year in 2024 with a Mercury Retrograde though the flavor and experience will be entirely different!

Mercury Retrograde 2023 Dates

  • On December 29th, 2022 Mercury at 24° Capricorn Stations Retrograde, exact at 1:31am PT. Mercury enters his Shadow, the degree to which he will Retrograde back to, on December 13th at 8° Capricorn. Mercury Stations Direct at this degree on January 18th, 2023 exact at 5:12am PT.

  • On April 21 Mercury at 15° Taurus Stations Retrograde, exact at 1:35am PT. Mercury enters his Shadow, the degree to which he will Retrograde back to, on April 7th at 5° Taurus. Mercury Stations Direct at this degree on May 14th, at 8:17pm PT.

  • On August 23rd Mercury at 21° Virgo Stations Retrograde, exact at 12:59pm PT. Mercury enters his Shadow, the degree to which he will Retrograde back to, on August 4th at 8° Virgo. Mercury will Station Direct at this degree on September 15th at 1:21pm PT.
  • On December 12th Mercury at 8° Sagittarius Stations Retrograde at 11:09pm PT. Mercury enters his Shadow, the degree to which he will Retrograde back to, on January 1st at 22° Sagittarius. Mercury will Station Direct at this degree on January 1st, 2024 at 8:07pm PT.

What’s Up in Your Chart?
Tips for how the 2023 Mercury Retrogrades will affect you personally

  • The first things to look for is what house will Mercury be transiting in your astrology chart? This will tell you where in your life the Mercury Retrograde influence will be affecting you personally. This is the area of your life that is set for an intensive review and a reset.
  • Next you’ll want to check if Mercury Retrograde will cross over (and conjunct) any of your personal planets or points. If Mercury is aspecting your luminaries (Sun and Moon), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Chiron, Midheaven, Nadir or Ascendant then Mercury’s influence will feel the most impactful. Orbs of aspect are within 7.° The closer the degree of orb of the aspect the more impact it will have.
  • You will feel the most dramatic effect when Mercury Retrograde Station (either Retro or Direct) is exactly conjunct one of your personal planets, or points.
  • Since Mercury rules the 3rd house, all manner of means of connecting and communicating may be affected. Also, the astrological signs Virgo and Gemini will be effected. So, if you have any personal planets in these signs pay attention to the house meanings for these, as well, to get greater insight about how Mercury Retrograde may affect you.

The two questions to ask yourself during any Mercury Retrograde cycle are:

How do I need to change?

Where do I need to change?

Meaning of the Twelve Houses of the Zodiac

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