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Best Oils to Relieve Anxiety & Worry Plus Essential Oil Safety & How to Use

Are you getting deep and restful sleep? On this short clip (1;57) of an Aromatherapy Library TV episode recorded for my live CBS radio show I briefly talk about the best oils to use for grounding and relieving an over anxious, or worrying type of temperament. Use these same oils promote deep and restful sleep! A nervous kind of disposition is often associated with the signs of Virgo or Cancer. If you have a personal planet or point in either of these two signs (or a tendency to being hyper sensitive and picking up on frenetic energies in your environment) then you'll want to take note of the oils I give on on the show for calming your mind and...

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Essential Oils for Kidnapping Trauma KG talks with Aromatherapy Friend Kelly Holland-Azarro, Past President NAHA

Sandy Taz Today I am honored to be speaking with my friend Kelly Holland-Azzaro as my guest to talk about using essential oils with your animal friends. Kelly is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Registered Aromatherapist, and a Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner and Certified Bach Flower Practitioner. Kelly has been blending essential oils with advanced massage therapies since 1988. Kelly specializes in Clinical Aromatherapy, Asian Healing Arts, Reflexology, Reiki, Qigong and Acupressure for people and their animal friends. Kelly is the Past President of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, and the NAHA Director of North Carolina. Her passion for aromatherapy has lead to the creation of Ashi Aromatics Inc. Kelly’s line of aromatherapy products. Kelly and her husband Marco,...

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How Aromatherapy Works! Improve Your Memory, Learning, Emotions & Sexuality

More and more research and case studies are being recorded, proving the effectiveness of aromatherapy for therapeutic use. The increasing respect that aromatherapy commands from the general public, hospitals, and medical centers around the world speaks for itself, as more and more people benefit from this gentle and subtle, yet highly effective therapy. ESSENTIAL OILS ARE HIGHLY AROMATIC Research shows that most of the therapeutic benefits are obtained simply by inhaling the aroma of essential oils. The elements of heat, light, air and moisture activate the release of the scent of essential oils. Your logical brain is not involved in your sense of smell. You actually “feel” aromatic scents. DOWNLOAD MP3 PODCAST AROMATHERAPY LIBRARY For instance inhalation of scent of...

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Chakra Balancing for Women's Health Re-boot & Re-balance Your Life Take the 40-Day Challenge

Today on Aromatherapy Library I talk about the trifecta of essential oils to use for women’s health and the best way to use them to boost serotonin naturally, cleanse and detoxify the body, mind and emotions and the chakra energy system. Follow the 40-Day plan outlined for improved sleep, weight loss and increased energy. “KG’s instruction in formulations for face, and skin rejuvenation, relaxation and self care are well worth any price. I highly recommend this to all who are interested in holistic curing and the way that aromatherapy can be applied as an effective Mind Body technique.” ~John L. Turner, MD, Author Medicine, Miracles & Manifestations DOWNLOAD MP3 PODCAST AROMATHERAPY LIBRARY SHOW TRANSCRIPT Aloha & welcome to Aromatherapy Library....

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Aromatherapy Library TV Presents Best Essential Oils for Skincare & Anti-aging ALL Skin Types

You'll learn the best essential oils to use to create your own synergy blend for: Sensitive, Mature, Oily, and Dry to Normal Skin Types. Each essential oil blend I recommend is known to have a balancing and harmonizing effect for that skin type, as well as an ability to tone, heal and regenerate. Use your essential oil blend regularly to promote natural beauty and a clear and radiant healthy glow to your skin! The nourishing action of these regenerative essential oil blends for skin care and anti-aging make them a useful addition to most facial and skin care formulas. Add a single drop to your favorite facial moisturizer or night cream to enhance your results. Or, dilute in your favorite...

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