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Must Know Health Benefits of Essential Oils Over Drugs & Synthetic Fragrances

FIND OUT how you can solve your health challenges and enhance your beauty with essential oils. On today's show I talk about the must know health benefits of using essential oils over drugs and synthetic fragrances.Aromatic plants have been used for thousands of years world wide. With the advent of the pharmaceutical and perfume industries at the turn of the century these ancient plant medicines were all but completely forgotten. That is until very recently. The increased interest in holistic mind body medicine has spawned a tremendous resurgence of main stream public interest in natural medicine that is now gaining increased popularity and use with outstanding results being reported. DOWNLOAD MP3 PODCAST AROMATHERAPY LIBRARY SHOW TRANSCRIPT: Aloha & welcome to...

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Rose Essential Oil Emotional Freedom

The Damask rose (Rosa damascena) Find out how you can solve health challenges and enhance your health and beauty with essential oils. Today I talk about THE Queen of Essential Oils, Rose oil. Rose pure essential oil also called Rose Otto or Rose Atter. The Latin botanical name for Rose is Rosa damascena. I will give you the key characteristics and uses for you to know about for Rose oil and promise to let you know where you can find out even more at the end of today's show. Rose oil is a distinctly feminine oil. Inhaling even a single drop of Rose oil can have a transformative effect on the mind and emotions. It takes about thirty roses to...

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Galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua) Ancient Skin Healing Oil

Today is Earth Day and I'm celebrating with the launch of my brand new show, 'Aromatherapy Library TV'. On the show I'll talk about how you can solve challenges and enhance your health and beauty with essential oils. We'll also talk about aroma quality and the key active chemical properties that give an essential oil its therapeutic effects.  I'd love to hear from you! Please post your comments and questions below. At the top of the show I'll tell you a bit about myself, so you'll understand why I'm producing Aromatherapy Library TV. As today is Earth Day I'm going to talk about THE most earthy of all the essential oils Gal-ba-num. It's Latin name is Ferula galbanifula. Galbanum is...

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Stress Got You Down? Try This Beloved Favorite Lavender Oil Benefits, Uses & Research

Considered a Universal Healing Oil because of its broad spectrum of applications universal applications Lavender oil can be relied upon to benefit an assortment of health related issues like stress, sleep disturbances, chronic pain, hair and skin care and much more! Did you know that research at a major medical center in the U.S. has proven conclusively that aromatherapy results in calming and relieving extreme stress? Lavender was one of the essential oils used in the controlled research study conducted at the Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital Intensive Care Unit. Over 57 percent of the ICU nurses involved in the study reported a decrease in their perceived stress levels after using essential oil. First cultivated in the high mountains of...

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How Aromatherapy Works to Effect Memory, Mood & Emotions!

Essential oils have highly aromatic scent. Most of their therapeutic benefits are delivered through the power of their smell. The power of essential oils is released through contact with the elements of heat, light, air and moisture. Through your olfactory nerve the scent of essential oil is felt. Your experience of essential oils is not an intellectual process, but rather an intuitive one. Smelling aroma is an emotional and sensual experience. In my presentation you'll see: Aromatherapy Delivery Pathways Chart. Diagram shows delivery pathway of essential oils in the body. Electro-chemical Effects of Essential Oils Chart. Diagram shows how essential oil affects hormonal system (memory, mood and emotions). Because of your ability to develop a conditioned response to anything, including...

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