Must Know Health Benefits of Essential Oils Over Drugs & Synthetic Fragrances

lavender fieldFIND OUT how you can solve your health challenges and enhance your beauty with essential oils. On today's show I talk about the must know health benefits of using essential oils over drugs and synthetic fragrances.

Aromatic plants have been used for thousands of years world wide. With the advent of the pharmaceutical and perfume industries at the turn of the century these ancient plant medicines were all but completely forgotten.

That is until very recently. The increased interest in holistic mind body medicine has spawned a tremendous resurgence of main stream public interest in natural medicine that is now gaining increased popularity and use with outstanding results being reported.



Aloha & welcome to Aromatherapy Library. I’m your host KG Stiles Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and founder of PurePlant Essentials. On today’s show I'll talk about the must know health benefits of using essential oils over drugs and synthetic fragrances.

The information I share is for educational purposes only and does not to take the place of seeking qualified medical care for your health concerns.

For those of you who are new to the world of aromatherapy essential oils are concentrated plant essences that are either steam distilled or cold pressed from various plants. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, fruits, herbs, seeds, roots, grasses and trees. Whatever part of the plant that provides the greatest source of essential oil is what’s used to produce them.

Essential oils are thought by many to only contain pleasing aroma and nothing more of significant value. Yet modern scientific research is now showing nothing could be further from the truth. One drop of an essential oil represents the concentrated equivalent of 1-4 cups or more of plant matter.

Plant essences carry the many benefits inherent to the plant it originates from. Many of the properties of healing and protection against predators are present in the essential oil.

More and more research is confirming the remarkable healing properties of essential oils. The complex structure of a plant medicinal such as essential oil prevents its being replicated in a laboratory. You  cannot duplicate what nature has created.

In other words essential oils cannot be synthetically manufactured. Essential oils complex structure also makes them especially potent as healers. The antimicrobial properties of certain essential oils have been shown to be 25 times more powerful than many modern day antibiotics.

As a whole essential oils tend to be potent anti-microbial agents as their parent plants have a vested interest in killing bugs, fungus, bacteria and other tiny microbes. This motivation by the plant to protect manifests in plant excretions or essences which when extracted from the plant are essential oils. As a result essential oils have the ability to break down the microbial bio fields of foreign invaders that are stubborn and resistant to many antibiotics manufactured in a laboratory.

One of the most extraordinary benefits of using essential oils over synthetically derived chemicals is that, unlike pharmaceutical drugs and synthetic fragrances, essential oil are expelled from the body. Essential oils when used properly leave no toxins behind in the body. And now that environmental pollution and global warming have become such a huge concern on planet earth this is a huge bonus when using essential oils.

Also essential oils are excellent for removing bad odors. Essential oils actually break down the molecular structure of an odor to completely eliminate bad smells. Unlike commercial air fresheners which only mask the offensive odors.

Of course there are numerous other health benefits when using essential oils that I’ll talk about in other shows these are just a few of them.

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