How Aromatherapy Works! Improve Your Memory, Learning, Emotions & Sexuality

amber glass euro dropper bottleMore and more research and case studies are being recorded, proving the effectiveness of aromatherapy for therapeutic use.

The increasing respect that aromatherapy commands from the general public, hospitals, and medical centers around the world speaks for itself, as more and more people benefit from this gentle and subtle, yet highly effective therapy.


Research shows that most of the therapeutic benefits are obtained simply by inhaling the aroma of essential oils.

The elements of heat, light, air and moisture activate the release of the scent of essential oils.

Your logical brain is not involved in your sense of smell. You actually “feel” aromatic scents.


For instance inhalation of scent of Lavender oil triggers the release of Serotonin from the raphe (pronounced réfi) nucleus in the brain and produces a calming effect.

Unless of course there is a learned odor response that triggers a negative reaction to the aroma of Lavender.

You can actually learn a conditioned response and develop an aversion to a particular scent if it is strongly associated with a negative memory.

For instance if someone you know was abusive in some way who wore a Lavender scent you might develop a negative reaction to the scent of Lavender blocking its action to trigger a release of certain relaxing neuro-chemicals and their absorption by neuro-receptors in your body.

The molecules of your Emotion are powerful chemical messengers and can easily block your natural response to an aroma!

Your learned response to scent offers an explanation for WHY not all single oils and aromatic formulations known to have certain properties aren’t effective for everyone.

Synthetic oils rely entirely on your learned response to an odor for stimulating an effect in your hormonal and nervous systems, not to the triggering effect of nature's chemical of aroma released by the scent of a pure essential oil. 

This is the power of the placebo at work. The power of your mind to influence your body's response. The downside of synthetic perfume oils is that most of them are petroleum based and may lead to your developing chemical sensitivities and allergic reactions.

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