Best Oils to Relieve Anxiety & Worry Plus Essential Oil Safety & How to Use

Sleeping-girl-wiki-creative-commons-rachelcalmusaAre you getting deep and restful sleep?

On this short clip (1;57) of an Aromatherapy Library TV episode recorded for my live CBS radio show I briefly talk about the best oils to use for grounding and relieving an over anxious, or worrying type of temperament.

Use these same oils promote deep and restful sleep!

A nervous kind of disposition is often associated with the signs of Virgo or Cancer. If you have a personal planet or point in either of these two signs (or a tendency to being hyper sensitive and picking up on frenetic energies in your environment) then you'll want to take note of the oils I give on on the show for calming your mind and emotions.

Use your oils just before sleep, or before meditating. They will slow your respiration and deepen your breathing for better oxygenation of tissue, release of toxins and accumulated stress or tension in your nervous system.

On the show you'll learn safety tips, as well as how to use essential oils for direct inhalation (one of the easiest most effective methods of application), as well as the best method for treating achy, sore muscles.


RECAP: Best essential oils I recommend to relieve anxiety and worry are Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Cypress, herbal oils and the woody, grounding and earthy aromatic oils.

Hope you enjoyed this episode of Aromatherapy Library TV. Please leave me your comments and questions. I'll be sure to answer them!

Until next time...relax, enjoy your life and stay connected.

XO Love -KG

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