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Essential Oils for Your Astrology Sign

Find out the essential oils to balance your astrology. You can use this basic guide for aromas and essential oils introduced in the video to balance any conflicts related to harsh aspects to your personal planets in your natal chart, or by transit. For instance if you're a Virgo Moon you can use the recommended aromas and essentials oils to enhance your Moon energies. Your Moon is about your deepest emotional needs and often the key celestial influence in need of balancing when you're emotionally unsettled. Also, if you know there is a harsh planetary aspect you want to ameliorate, i.e. Saturn is squaring your natal Moon by transit you can use an oil that will support your Moon energies...

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Benefits of Using Essential Oils

IN THIS VIDEO BLOG I talk about why essential oils are so effective and the many health benefits you can enjoy from using them! Benefits of using essential oils over synthetic drugs Less toxic. Do not create resistance as seen with pharmaceutical antibiotics. Reinforce and work with the body's own natural healing mechanism. Stimulate immune function. ANTIBIOTIC As a whole essential oils tend to be potent anti-microbial agents as their parent plants have a vested interest in killing bugs, fungus, bacteria and other tiny microbes. This motivation manifests in they’re excretions which are essential oils. As a result they have the ability to break down microbial bio fields that are stubborn and resistant to many antibiotics. DOWNLOAD MP3 PODCAST AROMATHERAPY...

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Essential Oils for Kidnapping Trauma KG talks with Aromatherapy Friend Kelly Holland-Azarro, Past President NAHA

Sandy Taz Today I am honored to be speaking with my friend Kelly Holland-Azzaro as my guest to talk about using essential oils with your animal friends. Kelly is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Registered Aromatherapist, and a Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner and Certified Bach Flower Practitioner. Kelly has been blending essential oils with advanced massage therapies since 1988. Kelly specializes in Clinical Aromatherapy, Asian Healing Arts, Reflexology, Reiki, Qigong and Acupressure for people and their animal friends. Kelly is the Past President of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, and the NAHA Director of North Carolina. Her passion for aromatherapy has lead to the creation of Ashi Aromatics Inc. Kelly’s line of aromatherapy products. Kelly and her husband Marco,...

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