Benefits of Using Essential Oils

thyme,wild-wiki-creative-commons-public-domain-copyright-expired-koeh-138IN THIS VIDEO BLOG I talk about why essential oils are so effective and the many health benefits you can enjoy from using them!

Benefits of using essential oils over synthetic drugs

  • Less toxic.
  • Do not create resistance as seen with pharmaceutical antibiotics.
  • Reinforce and work with the body's own natural healing mechanism.
  • Stimulate immune function.


As a whole essential oils tend to be potent anti-microbial agents as their parent plants have a vested interest in killing bugs, fungus, bacteria and other tiny microbes. This motivation manifests in they’re excretions which are essential oils. As a result they have the ability to break down microbial bio fields that are stubborn and resistant to many antibiotics.


Aromatic-Phyto medicine
(essential oils) is usually efficacious (especially when used to treat infections) and give the best results when:

  • The highest quality essential oil available is used.
  • The right essential oil for a particular condition is chosen.
  • The correct method of application is used.
  • The right dosage / application amount is given.

Phenol-containing essential oils particularly effective against micro-organisms include: thyme (especially Thymus vulgaris), cinnamon, eucalyptus and clove.

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