Aromatherapy Library TV Presents Best Essential Oils for Skincare & Anti-aging ALL Skin Types

German Chamomile flower white petals with yellow center and green foliageYou'll learn the best essential oils to use to create your own synergy blend for: Sensitive, Mature, Oily, and Dry to Normal Skin Types.

Each essential oil blend I recommend is known to have a balancing and harmonizing effect for that skin type, as well as an ability to tone, heal and regenerate.

Use your essential oil blend regularly to promote natural beauty and a clear and radiant healthy glow to your skin!

The nourishing action of these regenerative essential oil blends for skin care and anti-aging make them a useful addition to most facial and skin care formulas. Add a single drop to your favorite facial moisturizer or night cream to enhance your results.

Or, dilute in your favorite vegetable carrier oil, jojoba and rose hip are both excellent choices. My favorite carrier oil for skincare is pure light fractionated coconut oil. It’s especially beneficial for sensitive and troubled skin. Use 6 - 12 drops of your pure essential oil blend to carrier oil.



Aloha & welcome to Aromatherapy Library. I’m your host KG Stiles Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and founder of PurePlant Essentials aromatherapy. On today’s show I'll share the best essential oil blends for skincare & anti-aging for all skin types: sensitive, mature, oily and dry to normal.

The information I share is for educational purposes only and does not to take the place of seeking qualified medical care for your health concerns.

Remember to drink plenty of pure, fresh water. The general rule for the minimum amount of water to drink daily is half your body weight in ounces 120 pounds = 60 ounces daily, little less than 2 quarts. Research is showing that drinking water between meals actually increases your metabolism and fat burning by as much as 30%. You can lose weight just by drinking sufficient water between meals. Caffeinated fluids like soda, tea and coffee do not count. Caffeinated drinks have a dehydrating effect on the body and actually age your skin’s appearance. To enhance youthful beautiful skin drink lots of water.

Here are the best essential oils I recommend by skin type for skin care and anti-aging by skin type:

1 - For sensitive skin the top 4 essential oils I recommend are:

German Chamomile, Lavender, Ylang Ylang III and Carrot Seed.

Here’s why:

  • German Chamomile - the #1 oil for soothing sensitive skin. German Chamomile is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory oils in aromatherapy and very calming to the skin cell tissue.
  • Lavender - is the #2 for sensitive skin. Lavender is well known for soothing hot, inflamed skin conditions.
  • Ylang Ylang III, the third fraction of Ylang Ylang essential oil, has powerfully regulating, harmonizing and sedating properties and excellent for calming inflamed, sensitive tissue.
  • Carrot Seed - has potent anti-oxidant properties and thought to promote elasticity of skin cell tissue through stimulating the formation of red blood cells. Carrot seed oil is one of the best skin healing and regenerative oils and I highly recommend using it in all of your skincare and anti-aging blends.

2 - For mature skin the top 4 essential oils I recommend are:

Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang III, Frankincense, Carrot Seed

Here’s why:

  • Rose Geranium - #1 oil for mature skin. Rose Geranium has traditionally used in beauty and skincare because its plant hormones promote cellular regeneration. Its moisture balancing effect on the skin’s natural sebum production makes it especially suitable for mature skin types.
  • Ylang Ylang III - A Close 2nd to Rose Geranium oil. Its skin balancing and harmonizing effects are well known. Ylang Ylang III is helpful for fading wrinkles and scars.
  • Frankincense - an ancient healing oil has traditionally been used for treating mature skin. It’s regulating and balancing properties promote skin cell elasticity and rejuvenation.
  • Carrot Seed - as mentioned earlier is well known for its antioxidant, regenerative and healing properties and stimulates the formation of new skin cell tissue.

3 - For oily skin the top 4 essential oils I recommend are:

Cypress, Rose Geranium, Rosemary verbenon and Carrot Seed

Here’s why:

  • Cypress - #1 oil for oily skin. Cypress has the most powerfully astringent properties in aromatherapy and great for acne care and treating blemishes and breakouts.
  • Rose Geranium - Its hormone balancing and regulating properties make it useful for balancing excess conditions like oily or combination skin types.
  • Rosemary verbenon - the verbenon chemotype is especially detoxifying, healing and restorative for skin cell tissues. Its supreme skin regenerative and wound healing properties make Rosemary verbenon especially useful for treating chronic skin conditions, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Acne prone skin may respond favorably to the renewing effects of Rosemary verbenon. As well Rosemary verbenon acts to fight infection and promote glandular balance and function. Its skin nourishing action makes it ideal for treating oily skin. A Blend of Rosemary verbenon with Pink Grapefruit, Cypress or Juniper berry can be used to promote the release of toxins and break down of cellulite.
  • Finally we have Carrot Seed - once again you’ve heard me rave about the versatility of this oil in anti-aging skincare. Its properties not only help regenerate skin cell tissue, but also promotes healing of excess conditions like oily skin.

4 - For dry to normal skin here are the top 5 essential oils I recommend:

Myrrh, Rose, Patchouli, Spikenard, Carrot Seed

Here’s why:

  • Myrrh - #1 for dry skin. Myrrh is an ancient healing oil. Its restorative and anti-inflammatory properties make it excellent for soothing, restoring and healing dry skin. It’s especially useful for treating dry, cracked skin. It’s also excellent for treating toenail fungus that has been stubbornly resistant to any other kind of solution.
  • Rose oil is wonderfully sedating and calming to the nervous system. It can gently relieve stressed out skin common to dry skin types. Harmonizing and nourishing for all skin types Rose oil is excellent in any beauty skin treatment. Rose oil’s cleansing, moisturizing and tonic effects make it excellent choice for smoothing and softening facial lines and wrinkles and it is especially nourishing and balancing for Dry Skin types. To fade old scars use Rose oil blended with Helichrysum and Carrot Seed!
  • Patchouli oil is an excellent skin tonic and often used in many synergistic skin care formulas. It’s regulating properties act to tone and strengthen skin cell tissue, as well as regulate combination skin conditions. Patchouli’s action is similar to Sandalwood and Myrrh for rejuvenating dry, chapped, cracked skin. It antiseptic properties make Patchouli useful for controlling acne outbreaks.
  • Spikenard oil restores balance to the skin’s natural sebum production and is good for ALL skin types. It’s especially useful for rejuvenating dry skin. Spikenard promotes healthy skin through stimulating circulation of blood, lymph and nerve supply. Its skin nourishing properties support the formation of healthy skin cell tissue and helps you maintain a clear, smooth complexion and youthful appearance. Spikenard’s regulating and sedative properties may help alleviate dry and itchy skin, hair or scalp conditions like dandruff or seborrhea, as well as calm allergic reactions and reduce inflammation of tissues.
  • And of course Carrot Seed oil - once again I recommend carrot seed oil for its regenerative properties to maintain balance of normal skin cell tissues, as well as promote healing of excess conditions like dry skin.

That’s it for today’s show. I hope this information about the best essential oils for skincare and anti-aging is helpful to you. Thanks so much for joining me for this episode of Aromatherapy Library. I’ll be back soon with another show, so please subscribe so you never miss a show.

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XO Love -KG

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