What’s Your Prosperity Consciousness? Abundance Self Test Essential Oils to Use

As we live in a vibrational universe your level of consciousnes (the vibrational frequency that you resonate out into your world) is what attracts prosperous (or not so prosperous) circumstances to you. 

We are all intuitive beings and we can easily pick-up the scent of a "bad" smell and discern the attractive quality of someone when we first meet them. You instantly feel attracted, or repelled for no apparent reason. 

What's Your Vibe?

Take the Abundance Self Test to find out your level of Prosperity Consciousness, the frequency of energy you are transmitting out into the world.

Your level of abundance is, of course, not a static state, but always in flux and change. Generally though your answers to the Abundance Self Test are a fairly good assessment of your attitudes and beliefs about abundance and indicate your current level of prosperity consciousness.

Abundance Self Test

Print this out and post where you will see it frequently to check your level of prosperity throughout your day. Your awareness will help  you improve your score.

On a scale of 1 - 10 how do you rate yourself (0 being a complete lack of prosperity consciousness and 10 being an exceptional level).

  1. Are you inspired by life’s challenges?
  2. Do you immediately focus on what’s right in a situation, rather than what’s wrong?
  3. Do you feel prosperous and abundant?
  4. Do you feel good enough, or is there something you’re always lacking?
  5. Do you feel appreciated, loved and supported by life?
  6. Do you feel connected to your higher power?
  7. Do you feel your life is perfect just the way it is?
  8. Do you experience grace and ease in your life?
  9. Is there always enough in your life, or do you often feel anxious and worried about your life circumstances?
  10. Do you frequently feel grateful for your life experience, or are you disappointed by life?

6 Qualities of Abundant People

  1. Gratitude and appreciation are hallmarks of abundant people. Appreciation automatically puts you in a state of abundance. Abundant people appreciate and express their appreciation as a lifestyle choice. Life is seen as an opportunity to grow and experience more good.
  2. Abundant people are flexible and willing to adapt to changing circumstances knowing the universe is always supporting them to grow and increase their level of prosperity.
  3. Abundant people adjust their sails and go with the flow of life events to experience more grace and ease as they navigate their way through life.
  4. Abundant people learn to read the intuitive signals that all of nature and life continually send out to help guide them safely across any turbulent seas.
  5. Abundant people attract prosperous circumstances even in challenging and difficult times as they are open and accepting of unseen forces that help them through any difficulties.
  6. Abundant people focus on the positive forces at work in events and how everything is working for the good of all.

Negative Beliefs Block Your Intuition

Most of us were conditioned with negative beliefs at an early age. We were taught to believe in lack and limitation and learned to distrust our intuitive feelings and inner sense of knowing.

6 Essential Oils to Enhance Your Intuition

Here are my top essential oil picks to help you reclaim and strengthen your intuition:

Spikenard (Nardostachys jatamansi) - Ancient holy oil, ideal for meditation, opens and clears the intuition. Excellent for balancing the 6th and 7th chakras.

Frankincense (Boswelia frereana) - Holy oil since ancient times, promotes integrity with Self, ideal for meditative practices and accessing your intuition. 

Galbanum (Ferula galbaniflua) - Ancient oil referred to as sacred "mother resin,' regenerative, psycho-emotionally calming, grounding and balancing.

Rose (Rosa damascena) - Best oil for freeing blocked negative emotions and promoting emotional expression. Aphrodisiac, enhances power of attraction.

Neroli (Citrus aurantium) - Helpful for relieving negative emotions, shock, trauma, depression and anxiety. Has an affinity with the precious diamond. Promotes inner peace and happiness. Aphrodisiac properties nourish feelings of self love and acceptance

Ylang Ylang III (Cananga odorata) - Useful for dispelling fear, depression and anxiety. Helpful for enhancing intuition. Healing oil for men, helps them develop feminine side of their nature.

Find out more about using essential oils for prosperity (and more), along with recipes to try in my newest award-winning book available on Amazon, The Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide: Over 250 Recipes for Natural Wholesome Aromatherapy.

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Image: Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of love (equivalent to Venus in the Roman pantheon), who bestows love, peace, prosperity and abundance.

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