Essential Oils for Prosperity & Abundance

Essential Oils for Prosperity & Abundance

I realized at a very young age that it was the way people were thinking that caused most, if not all, of their problems.

After college and with nothing more than a desire to help people overcome their challenges I began pursuing my dream to help people change their way of thinking.

When I discovered essential oils, I realized that I had found what I had been looking for my whole life. One sniff of these pure plant essences can instantly shift a person’s thinking and mental attitude.

Everything in life is so clear and obvious when you have the right mindset, yet you can easily miss it when you are focused on the wrong thing.

The "secret" of abundance and prosperity is your consciousness!

Certainly how you think about yourself is a first step to experience your natural state of abundance, the consciousness of abundance, but honestly, at some point, you have to give up the training wheels of your mind and start playing at the level of consciousness to fly free.

The consciousness of abundance has nothing to do with your material circumstances, but everything to do with being who you are naturally.

Essential oils are wonderful allies for helping you shift your thinking and begin to tap into your natural state of being which is naturally abundant. As your natural self you don't have to do anything to experience abundance. It's automatic! You can't not be abundant. 

Of course which essential oils work best for helping you shift your thinking and tap into your natural state of abundance as pure consciousness is individual to you.

Your intuition can certainly help you to know which oils are right for shifting your state of awareness.

Generally though the aromatic plants which have been traditionally used in wealth attraction formulas are the holy oils like Sandalwood, Myrrh, Frankincense and Spikenard. 

Other oils which are helpful for shifting your thinking are the citrus aromas, especially helpful are Bergamot, Sweet Orange and Lemongrass.

Finally the spice oils. The use of spicy aromatic plants have been extolled since ancient times for there ability to prevent disease, as well as to prolong life. No wealth attraction formula was ever without them. Two of my favorite spice oils are Cinnamon Leaf and Ginger Root.

Many of these oils are in PurePlant Essentials Abundance Formula Spray and Pure Essential Oils Blend

Find out more about using essential oils for prosperity (and more), along with recipes to try in my newest award-winning book available on Amazon, The Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide: Over 250 Recipes for Natural Wholesome Aromatherapy.

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Photo: Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity and abundance. Lakshmi is equivalent to the Roman goddess, Venus or the Greek goddess, Aphrodite.

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