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Depression & Healing the Shadow Essential Oils to Use

Depression is the fourth stage of healing the shadow. At this stage your egoic mental defenses are really beginning to break down. The shadow is just another name for the ego or conditioned mind. Your ego, or false identity, is the personality or projected self image or idea you've been conditioned to believe about yourself.  This breakdown of the ego defenses, the shadow or false self, is actually great news and a sign of healing! Many people on the planet are at this stage or experiencing some version of this stage of death and healing of the shadow, or dissolution of the ego structure.  You may feel like you don't know who you are anymore, or that you don't fit...

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Bargaining & Healing the Shadow Essential Oils to Use

This third stage of healing of the shadow is characterized by negotiating or buying your way out of the situation. You trade off taking a "good look" at what's beneath the "shadow" and becoming completely aware of the truth, so that healing may occur, for a temporary high or feeling of safety.  Addictions of all kinds including retail therapy, food binging, alcohol and drugs are a few favorite ways of bargaining and distracting yourself from facing the truth. We’ll see and accept "this" much, but no more. We can only allow ourselves to become aware of so much of the truth. The third stage of healing the shadow is characterized by tremendous suppression of guilt and shame. You may suddenly...

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Healing the Shadow Essential Oils to Use

“The door to my heart opens inward. I move through forgiveness to love and as I change my thoughts, the world around me changes; the past is over and has no power now. It’s no fun being a victim and I refuse to be helpless anymore. I claim my own power. I give myself the gift of freedom from the past and I choose to move into the now with joy. There is no problem to big or too small that it cannot be healed with love and as I forgive myself it is easier to forgive others. I forgive myself for my inability to completely see and live my absolute perfection. I am living the very best way I...

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