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New Year Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Meditation

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on January 10, 2020, exactly at 11:21am Pacific at 20° 00’ Cancer. Magic and mayhem at play in the field of the gods.This Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a rare event and further illuminates the great turning of the ages that is underway for 72 - 144 years, from 1962-2034 is the most critical peak of the new cycle being birthed. The outer span of time extends from 1926-2070. This particular Lunar Eclipse occurs at the same time as a VERY rare astrological occurrence when 3 outer planets (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) are all transiting the sign of Capricorn. It’s been 733 years since these three planets - that expand, transform and restructure our personal lives...

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What are Eclipses And What Essential Oils Should I Use?

Here come the 2019 Summer Eclipses in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn.So, what are eclipses?A SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs at a New Moon when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, when the New Moon is within 17° 25’ of the north or south node. This particular Total Solar Eclipse is about a 7° orb wide from the Cancer North Node. A TOTAL Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon completely covers the Sun and the Moon at perigee - when the moon is closest to the earth. AN ANNULAR Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is at apogee - when moon is furthest from the earth. During an Annular Solar Eclipse there is a ring of sunlight visible around...

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