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Emotional Detox Forgive & Move On Cancer Full Moon +Angel & EO to Assist

Cancer Full Moon January 6, 2023 Beginning with this astrological moon calendar post we are going to a bi-weekly blog format. The astrological moon calendar blog will feature the current astrological moon cycle. Remember, the peak of a new or full moon is when the cycle crests. It's important to pay attention to the wave of energy as it comes it, not just at the peak of new, or full moon. Following the moon's cycles and how they may be affecting you personally is one of the best ways to learn how to navigate your life currents for making the most of your opportunities and for best possible outcomes. Enjoy! What’s It All About? Our first full moon of 2023...

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New Year Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Meditation

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on January 10, 2020, exactly at 11:21am Pacific at 20° 00’ Cancer. Magic and mayhem at play in the field of the gods.This Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a rare event and further illuminates the great turning of the ages that is underway for 72 - 144 years, from 1962-2034 is the most critical peak of the new cycle being birthed. The outer span of time extends from 1926-2070. This particular Lunar Eclipse occurs at the same time as a VERY rare astrological occurrence when 3 outer planets (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) are all transiting the sign of Capricorn. It’s been 733 years since these three planets - that expand, transform and restructure our personal lives...

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