New Year Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Meditation

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on January 10, 2020, exactly at 11:21am Pacific at 20° 00’ Cancer. 

Magic and mayhem at play in the field of the gods.

This Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a rare event and further illuminates the great turning of the ages that is underway for 72 - 144 years, from 1962-2034 is the most critical peak of the new cycle being birthed. The outer span of time extends from 1926-2070.

This particular Lunar Eclipse occurs at the same time as a VERY rare astrological occurrence when 3 outer planets (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) are all transiting the sign of Capricorn. It’s been 733 years since these three planets - that expand, transform and restructure our personal lives and society-at-large - has occurred.

Mercury will join/conjunct these three planets during this Cancer Lunar Eclipse. In March of this year Mars will cross over these exact same points of the Lunar Eclipse further activating and accelerating the changes happening during this window of time.

The celestial vibes leading up to the Lunar Eclipse contain a lot of magic and feeling of destiny about them. There’s strong illumination and something extraordinary may be on offer for you to celebrate. Perhaps a tremendous feeling of relief can be felt now, something has found completion. It feels like whatever happens now has been a long time coming. It’s a VERY pregnant Cancer Full Moon, ready to POP!!

The Cancer Lunar Eclipse is a penumbral eclipse. It appears as a faint shadow and not easily distinguishable from a full moon.

Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Celestial Timings

Opposes the Sun (of course), exact at 11:21am PT.
Oppositions can feel like a standoff between opposing forces. The Sun (Father) Opposite the Moon (Mother) giving birth to what has been previously sewn between the two. What happens has a very beautiful feel to it. Though the birthing process can sometimes be stressful, depending upon how mature the Mother’s womb (if you take my meaning) is for giving birth, as we all as other extenuating circumstances. Look in your natal chart to see how nicely aspected the Lunar Eclipse is to your own personal planets and points for greater insight.

Opposes Mercury, exact at 11:33am PT.
Mercury (communication/connections) Conjunct (uniting with) the Sun (Self expression) at the time of the Lunar Eclipse emphasizes the potent union and connection happening at the Cancer Full Moon. This is a time when you can be given an ideal platform for communicating and expressing yourself. If there is Opposition afoot it can be overcome by facing shadow fears and beliefs within yourself.

Opposes Saturn, exact at 3:43pm PT.
The Cancer Full Moon’s Opposition to Saturn and Pluto comes a few hours later in the day. The Full Moon’s Opposition to Saturn brings any authority issues you may have about standing your ground and owning your power to the surface for integration.

Opposes Pluto, exact at 3:58pm PT.
Similarly, the Cancer Full Moon’s Opposition brings power and hidden shadow issues and fear up for integration. Both the Saturn and Pluto Oppositions can have a very freeing effect on your psyche and your emotional body.

Today also, the Sun (self expression/being/life force) at 19º Capricorn (10th house) Conjuncts Mercury (magic/communications/connections), exact at 7:20am PT (just a few hours before the Lunar Eclipse). A stellar event that has firework potential for moving you forward in ways that will delight you. Sometimes an eclipse brings events that stir things up in such a BIG way that it takes some weeks or months to navigate and adjust to the changes.

Today also, Uranus at 2º 39’ Taurus (2nd house) Stations Direct, exact at 5:48pm PT. There can definitely be earth shaking news in the works. Whatever has been falling apart can now get put back together again in a whole new way.

What a way to start 2020 and end your first week of the New Year, with a BANG!!

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Eclipses activate change, and this one omens radical change, for the better! An Eclipse is like getting a big shove by the universe to “make that change.” Eclipses help you come into alignment with your Divine Potential and how the Divine, constellating as your own unique and extraordinary self, desires to flow through you and be expressed in the world.

The Lunar Eclipse is a time when you can purge any blocks you may have that get in the way of your being a free flowing channel for the Divine’s expression through you. So, with an Eclipse you’re being supported to honor who you are in your deepest essence and align with your own deepest creative potential first and foremost

You were born to express love, and enjoy the experience of being alive fully.

Only in a pure state of consciousness can you perfectly manifest that which is your destiny. In this pure space of awareness you can transcend the limited ideas you have about yourself.

In this pure state of consciousness you are absolutely 100% your authentic self, the Divine idea of you, which includes both the shadow and light ideas you have about life. In this state you are free of all the dramas, and stories you tell yourself about your everyday life.

Tapping into this pure state of awareness takes you beyond the beginner’s level of manifesting. Accessing this pure state of allows you to go through the challenges of your life while remaining centered, and in a state of joy, unaffected by external appearances, to manifest and experience all that is your destiny.

The best time to perform your Lunar Eclipse Meditation is at the full moon on January 10, at 11:21am PT until the evening when the Cancer Moon goes Void of Course, at 3:58pm PT. As always locating where an eclipse is happening in your own astrology chart and how it’s communicating with your own personal stars will help you see and make the most of the opportunities available to you.

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For this meditation you will need:
Clean sheets of paper
A white candle
Essential Oils (Optional)

Essential Oils to Use
Use earthy and grounding scents (Capricorn/earth sign) to support your success in the world, as well as those that promote your feeling of well-being, home and family (Cancer/water sign). Oils that promote self love and nurturance like Rose and Rose Geranium are ideal for this meditation.

Jophiel Angel Therapy Oil, to support your having beautiful thoughts about yourself and life, is also ideal to use. 

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Meditation

Use one, or more of the recommended oils or blend of oils to scent your meditation space prior to your Lunar Eclipse meditation.

Light your candle and focus on the flame. Calm your mind and sit quietly. There is nothing you need do at this moment but be present with your self. Within all of us there is a sacred space. Now is the time to go within to your sacred space and be still. Remember that the light you see is a reflection of the light and pure state of consciousness that dwells within you, and is you.

Take a piece of paper and begin to write a list of all your beautiful qualities. Allow yourself to express fully all of your admirable qualities. Your generosity and kindness, your innocence and vulnerability, your courage, your faith and willingness to show up every day. Write everything you most appreciate and admire about yourself onto the paper. Take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate your most admirable qualities.

After completing your list of beautiful qualities put the paper aside, and begin writing a list of all of your less than admirable qualities. Your unwillingness to listen to another person’s point of view, being rude or unforgiving, lying, cheating, stealing, thinking the worst of a person or situation. Write down everything you can about your smallness of character.

After you have taken your time with writing your lists, take them and throw them away, or burn them. Neither of those lists are you, the pure you. They’re both just your thoughts, ideas and opinions about yourself. Who you are is beyond any self concept, thought or opinion. You are neither the shadow or the light thoughts you have about yourself. You are the pure consciousness that animates and gives life.

After completing your Cancer Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Meditation you may feel inspired to take some action. If so, listen to your wise heart and take action immediately!

Please feel free to share this Full Moon ritual with a friend by sending them a link to this page.

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