Solstice Eclipse Meditations Let Go & Prepare for a Fresh New Start

Winter Solstice
December 21, 2019 @8:20pm PST

The solstice occurs exactly when the Sun enters the sign Capricorn, an earth sign. Earth always has a grounding and stabilizing influence. For several days (just before and after Solstice) the Sun appears to stand still in the sky. This Solstice occurs just before the Capricorn Solar Eclipse on Christmas Day, making it an especially potent time of release in preparation for new beginnings.

The Solstice always marks a powerful period of time on mother earth and for all of her children. A momentous transition occurs at Solstice when we move from dark to light and light to dark. 

The Solstice is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day when the shortest period of daylight or the longest night of the year are reached. In the Northern Hemisphere the Winter Solstice is the December solstice and in the Southern Hemisphere this is the June Solstice. 

At the time of Solstice we’ve reached an extreme point in our year and will now begin our return journey to balance between both day and night at the Spring or Fall Equinox when day and night are perfectly balanced.

The time of Solstice, whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, is a perfect time to do a healing ritual that focuses on bringing balance. When any obstacles or resistance to union and peace are released, healing naturally occurs.   

Solstice is always associated with the Sun and Fire Element. At the Summer Solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) we enter the sign of Cancer, a water sign and in Winter, Capricorn, the opposite sign in the astrological zodiac. These two signs represent the Mother (Cancer/Water) and Father (Capricorn/Earth) archetypes. Mother nurtures all things related to the home and family and is rooted in the 4th house, or nadir/bottom of the zodiac chart.

While Capricorn rules the 10th house at the top of the zodiac chart, representing the outer realm and one’s material standing in world. Opposite in nature, but when integrated and balanced, absolutely support each other’s perfect functioning in the world. Can you see how this is true in your own individual life?

This Solstice Meditation will prepare the way for the return of balance, integration and healing into your own life.

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Winter Solstice Meditation
December 21, 2019 @8:20pm PST

I recommend you perform your Solstice Meditation just before Sunset on Solstice Day, whatever time that is for you in your part of the world.

What you will need:

  • Clean sheet of paper
  • A white candle
  • Essential Oils (Optional)

Essential Oils to Use for Your Solstice Meditation:

I recommend scents that are earthy and grounding (Capricorn), as well as those that promote your feeling of motivation and capacity to see new possibilities for yourself. Oils that have an affinity for the power of the Sun’s fire and light.

GalbanumVetiverPatchouli, Black Spruce, Cinnamon leaf, Rosemary and Frankincense. PurePlant Essentials Abundance formula Pure Blend or Spray are also perfect to use for both of these meditation rituals.

Use one, or more of these oils or blend of oils to scent your meditation space prior to your Solstice meditation.

Light your white candle and focus on the flame. Remember that the light you see is a reflection of the light within you.

Write it all out and let it go

Write your list of all the things you wish to let go of on paper. Allow yourself to write down everything that does not work for you, as well as any feelings you have about anything that does not work for you, let it all flow onto the paper. Let it flow, let it go!

After you have taken time writing your list of what you desire to release completely, fold your paper, and say aloud:

God/Goddess and all that is,
Angels, guides, ancestors, teachers, and friends,
I call upon all who love me to witness
My deep appreciation for my soul’s journey,
Bless my unfolding as I give thanks
For my many blessings and accomplishments.
May my true heart’s desires always be manifest,
And so it is.

As you end your meditation, surrender the struggles, and burdens you’ve written down on the piece of paper into the flames of a living fire. Jungian analyst, and mentor, Marion Woodman PhD, uses a Chinese Wok for her ritual burnings.

You are burning your old paradigm of beliefs, limitations and structures that no longer work for you to make room for new structures and foundations that support you completely in the fulfillment of your life purpose in the outer world and the fulfillment of your Divine potential.

After completing your Solstice Meditation you may feel inspired to take some action, or just to be still and peaceful for a while longer. Listen to your wise heart and act accordingly.

Keep your candle flame burning for as long as feels right for you.

Wishing you a wonderful Solstice Celebration!

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