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FREE pH Food Chart - Intuitive Living Using Essential Oils & Food As Medicine

Our brave new world of the 21st century bombards us with so much information and way too many choices. How do you make sense of it all and put into action what’s right for you as an individual? In this post modern area we are cruising through at lightening speed, switching to an intuitive-based system of living is your best option for navigating smoothly through all the seeming chaos. Many of you may already be ‘somewhat’ listening to your intuition for how to live, including what to eat. Maybe you just need encouragement to help you fine tune the intuitive gifts you were born with? While for some of you, using your intuition to live your daily life may be...

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Antioxidants for Health & Longevity +Essential Oil Research

To supercharge your energy and enhance longevity it’s all about your mitochondria. Read Increase Your Energy & Longevity Essential Oils to Use to come up to speed on your mitochondria. In our last article we talked about how oxidative stress has been the burning topic among research scientists over the past two decade. Why? Because Oxidative Stress speeds up the aging process and is the Genesis of all Disease. We also talked about research on essential oils showing their capacity as an effective intervention strategy to protect against oxidative stress.Now, let’s look at the role antioxidants play in reducing oxidative stress and a few dietary strategies you can use.In our last article we learned that Irwin Fridovich and his graduate student,...

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DIY Tips to Preserve Nature's Freshness

Natural products that are completely preservative-free will not stay fresh for as long as commercial products do.However, there are several things you can do to help your preservative-free products stay fresh longer and extend their shelf life.Small BatchIf you're a DIY lover you probably already know the many virtues of blending your products in small batches.Small batch method of formulating also ensures less wastage. You'll be able to use up your custom products in a short period of time.Your products will stay fresh without the need for harsh preservatives. Also, you'll be able to use expensive oils like rose and helichrysum more frequently in your products, as a little goes a long way.  Formulate Anhydrous Products (without water) Microbes love to...

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