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Our brave new world of the 21st century bombards us with so much information and way too many choices. How do you make sense of it all and put into action what’s right for you as an individual? In this post modern area we are cruising through at lightening speed, switching to an intuitive-based system of living is your best option for navigating smoothly through all the seeming chaos. Many of you may already be ‘somewhat’ listening to your intuition for how to live, including what to eat. Maybe you just need encouragement to help you fine tune the intuitive gifts you were born with? While for some of you, using your intuition to live your daily life may be...

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Toxicity, Inflammation & Disease Epidemics How Essential Oils Help!

With the advent of epigenetic research we now know that your environment controls gene expression.Epigenetic research is the study of changes in genetic expression that do not involve changes to the underlying genome. Epigenetic change is a natural occurrence that can be influenced by factors like age, the environment/lifestyle, and state of one’s health or disease. In other words, just because you have a particular gene does not automatically equate to your manifesting a particular disease. Epigenetic research shows us that your environment has the power to turn gene expression on and off. There has always been a deep connection between human beings and our environment. When we change our environment, we change ourselves. A collective entomology study showed there has been...

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