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How to Get Motivated! The Research & Essential Oils to Use

Psycho-emotional aromatherapy is one of the areas of health for which essential oils have been researched and used with great success. In this series of blogs I'll be introducing you to the 'Super Oils' to Use for Psycho-emotional Pain and Discomfort. Motivation is a very common psycho-emotional complaint. Issues associated with loss of motivation include: Lethargy, boredom, issues of low self worth and self esteem, impaired immune function, lowered state of mood and depression. Motivation Research There are many types of research that look at ‘what’ people do, but the most intriguing research is into ‘why’ people are motivated to do what they do. Getting and staying motivated is a huge concern for many of us. Lack of motivation has...

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Psycho-emotional Aromatherapy Research Essential Oils for Depression

Early on in my life, even as a young child, I noticed that many adult problems and the cause of emotional suffering came from the way people were thinking about things. For many years I sought ways to help people change their way of thinking. On the day I first took a whiff of an essential oil I knew I’d found what I’d been searching for my entire life. Just one whiff of an essential oils can instantly shift your mindset and have a truly transformative effect on your mind and emotions.  Scent can be used to stimulate or relax. Our sense of smell is mysteriously connected with our memories. The power of scent can bring back pleasurable memories from...

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Aromatherapy Branches of Specialization

Like medicine with its areas of specialization aromatherapy, too, is becoming known for different areas of practice and specialization.Here are just a few areas of aromatherapy specialization currently practiced. Cosmetic and Spa Aromatherapy These are therapies that use essential oils for the skin, body, face and hair. This area of the aromatherapy industry is seeing incredible growth with the development of many cosmetic and spa products. These products are developed and used for a wide variety of beauty and wellness effects such as cleansing, toning and moisturizing. An especial area of focus in the cosmetic and spa branch of aromatherapy is healthy skin. Aromatic oils have been used since ancient times for beautification and healing. The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, who...

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