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Cosmetic and Spa Aromatherapy +DIY Facial Mask

Cosmetic and Spa therapies, which focus on beauty and wellness treatments, comprise one of the fastest growing segments of the aromatherapy trade worldwide.The primary focus of those in the the Wellness industry is to help people make ‘healthy lifestyle choices’. People worldwide have finally begun to recognize the importance of maintaining wellness for body, mind, spirit and emotions. Not only that, but people are actually taking action and seeking out wellness solutions for themselves and their families. The global Wellness industry now amounts to more than 3.7 trillion U.S. dollars annually. The beauty and anti-aging segment of the Wellness industry is seeing the largest amount of growth worldwide followed by healthy eating, weight loss, fitness, alternative medicine and the spa...

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Aromatherapy Branches of Specialization

Like medicine with its areas of specialization aromatherapy, too, is becoming known for different areas of practice and specialization.Here are just a few areas of aromatherapy specialization currently practiced. Cosmetic and Spa Aromatherapy These are therapies that use essential oils for the skin, body, face and hair. This area of the aromatherapy industry is seeing incredible growth with the development of many cosmetic and spa products. These products are developed and used for a wide variety of beauty and wellness effects such as cleansing, toning and moisturizing. An especial area of focus in the cosmetic and spa branch of aromatherapy is healthy skin. Aromatic oils have been used since ancient times for beautification and healing. The Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, who...

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