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Healing Essential Oil Foot Bath

Achieve outstanding results for your body, mind, and soul with this relaxing and rejuvenating foot soak (hot or cool as desired)Use these recommended pure essential oils according to your desired results.Myrrh (to treat dry, cracked heels and bunions)Lavender (sore, tired feet)Peppermint (stimulating and soothing to body, mind and emotions at the same time)Spikenard (soften skin and purify your mind and emotions)Frankincense (emotional support)Cypress (cleansing and toning to body and organ systems) Preparation – what you will need: Foot bath or basin for foot bath 1/2 cup favorite carrier (sea salt - cleansing/purifying), (honey - soothing/softening), (cream - grounding/softening). 1-6 drops pure essential oil Sterilized instrument such as a stainless steel teaspoon Add 1-6 drops of your chosen pure essential oil...

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