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Toxicity, Inflammation & Disease Epidemics How Essential Oils Help!

With the advent of epigenetic research we now know that your environment controls gene expression.Epigenetic research is the study of changes in genetic expression that do not involve changes to the underlying genome. Epigenetic change is a natural occurrence that can be influenced by factors like age, the environment/lifestyle, and state of one’s health or disease. In other words, just because you have a particular gene does not automatically equate to your manifesting a particular disease. Epigenetic research shows us that your environment has the power to turn gene expression on and off. There has always been a deep connection between human beings and our environment. When we change our environment, we change ourselves. A collective entomology study showed there has been...

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Detoxification Cleanse Your Body Toxicity with Essential Oil

Like it or not heavy metal and chemical toxicity has become a serious health concern in our modern day world. Your body's health is compromised daily by exposure to chemicals and heavy metals. Sources of heavy metal and chemical toxins include: Water supply. Seafood. Mercury fillings. Food additives. Plastics. Metals leached from cooking utensils. Environmental toxins such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers. And the list goes on. Regular detoxification is now a necessary health regime, especially if you're planning to become pregnant. It is sound health wisdom to practice removal of heavy metals and chemical toxins before experiencing signs of toxicity. If you already have symptoms, then starting a program of heavy metal and chemical detoxification may help rid you...

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