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What’s for Lunch: Thai Pepper Soup Recipe

Soup is one of the most nutritious, delicious and satisfying meals for lunch. The Thai Pepper Soup recipe is quick and easy to make. It is also packed full of flavor. You can make your soup dish ahead, refrigerate and warm for your lunch the next day. Tai Pepper Soup If you’re feeling chilled to the bone this soup will warm you through and put a smile on your face. Very yummy! What you will need: Roasted red peppers, 2 - 12 oz jarsOnion, 1 large choppedJalapeño pepper, 1 small seeded and choppedGarlic, 2 tsp minced Thai pepper blend, 1-3 drops (click link for recipe)Honey, 1/2 tbspTomatoes, 1 can (14.5 oz)Coconut milk, 1 can (13.5 oz) Salt, 1/2 tsp (optional)...

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Cooking with Essential Oils: Culinary Wellness Recipes - Thai Pepper Lemon Grass Blend

Pure essential oils have a wide range of therapeutic uses and benefits. With a little practice you’ll be able to incorporate essential oils into every aspect of your everyday healthy lifestyle.Including, all of your cooking and backing needs. By doing so, you’ll not only benefit from the healing properties of the oils to support your health and well-being, but also enjoy the flavorful difference cooking with essential oils can impart to all of your cuisine. Recipes for Culinary Wellness Oils & Blends Use these culinary wellness oils and blends for ALL of your cooking and baking needs. Essential Oils with GRAS Status for Your Culinary Cabinet All of these essential oils have GRAS status. That means they have been approved by...

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