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Esoteric Aromatherapy “New” Frontier in Medical Research

Esoteric aromatherapy works with the subtle, metaphysical and spiritual levels of life. The esoteric or metaphysical branch on the aromatherapy tree is a fascinating field of specialization and certainly worthy of our time and attention. This is by far the most cutting-edge branch of aromatherapy being practiced. It is the future of aromatherapy, as we know it. Understanding human subtle energy is the ‘new’ frontier in medical research. The theory of integral physiology, now being researched, is a sign that the hard science is beginning to emerge for understanding the subtle realms of existence. Integral physiology offers us a ‘neutral' language and the framework needed for an intelligent discussion about the non-material aspects of our being and how we heal. It...

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Aromatherapy to Balance & Heal Your 9th Earth Star Chakra

Aromatherapy is a powerful therapeutic modality for promoting balance and healing of your chakra energy system.I recommend the following essential oils to cleanse, balance and energize your 9th Earth Star Chakra. You may inhale the vapors of your single pure essential oil or create a synergy blend of two or three of them together for an even more powerful effect.You can also dilute your single essential oil in your favorite carrier oil. I recommend light coconut oil. Use your essential oil in 1-10% dilution, depending upon your skin sensitivity. For general use as a anointing oil, simply apply 1-3 drops of your diluted oil at the area of your chakra. For anointing your 9th Earth Star Chakra apply your oil...

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