Aromatherapy to Balance & Heal Your 9th Earth Star Chakra

vetiverroot72dpiAromatherapy is a powerful therapeutic modality for promoting balance and healing of your chakra energy system.

I recommend the following essential oils to cleanse, balance and energize your 9th Earth Star Chakra. You may inhale the vapors of your single pure essential oil or create a synergy blend of two or three of them together for an even more powerful effect.

You can also dilute your single essential oil in your favorite carrier oil. I recommend light coconut oil. Use your essential oil in 1-10% dilution, depending upon your skin sensitivity.

For general use as a anointing oil, simply apply 1-3 drops of your diluted oil at the area of your chakra.

For anointing your 9th Earth Star Chakra apply your oil at the ball of both of your feet. This area is the location of an important Chinese meridian point called Bubbling Spring which has to do with strengthening your chi (life force energy) and promotes longevity.

Pure essential oil to try alone or in a blend are sweet and earthy aromas:

Vetiver - KEYWORDS: Grounding & Reassuring, Use for Anxiety & Panic Relief. 

Galbanum (ancient oil) - KEYWORDS: Calming, Regenerative, Skin disorders, Anti-inflammatory.

Myrrh (ancient oil) - KEYWORDS: Soothing & Restorative Tonic.

Patchouli - KEYWORDS: Earthy, Sensual, Magnetic Attraction.

Ylang Ylang - KEYWORDS: Neutralizes Negativity, Stabilizes the nervous system. 

Rose - KEYWORDS: Emotional Freedom.

Sandalwood (ancient oil) - KEYWORDS: Mood Balance, Promotes Harmony.

Lavender - KEYWORDS: Universal Healer (the universal oils for nourishing all of your chakras).

All of these recommended essential oils (except for Rose) have a balsamic or woody aroma.

Balsamic Aromas have a peaceful and grounding aroma that is sweet, soft, and rich.

Woody Aromas are reminiscent of fresh cut wood. Woody aromas inspire the quiet beauty of nature, and promote calm reassurance and grounding.

9th Earth Star Chakra Balancing Exercise: Try one or more of these essential alone or in a blend and inhale or apply as a anointing oil. Notice any effects such as feeling more grounded, relaxed or enhanced sense of well-being.

What results did you experience from this exercise?


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