Esoteric Aromatherapy “New” Frontier in Medical Research

Esoteric aromatherapy works with the subtle, metaphysical and spiritual levels of life. The esoteric or metaphysical branch on the aromatherapy tree is a fascinating field of specialization and certainly worthy of our time and attention.

This is by far the most cutting-edge branch of aromatherapy being practiced. It is the future of aromatherapy, as we know it. Understanding human subtle energy is the ‘new’ frontier in medical research.

The theory of integral physiology, now being researched, is a sign that the hard science is beginning to emerge for understanding the subtle realms of existence.

Integral physiology offers us a ‘neutral' language and the framework needed for an intelligent discussion about the non-material aspects of our being and how we heal.

It is now thought that in the near future the scientific means needed to prove the integral physiology theory and the technology to put it to use will have been developed.

Though esoteric aromatherapy has been practiced for many hundreds, or even thousands of years, the practice of esoteric aromatherapy is just now open for discovery by modern medicine.

This means the use of essential oils for subtle energy work that is now practiced by lovers of aromatherapy and energy medicine practitioners will expand, perhaps beyond our current comprehension.

Here are just a few subtle energy practices that use essential oils.


Chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning “disc,” or “spinning wheel of energy,” or “wheel of light.”

Your chakras are spinning wheels, or vortices of energy that connect your physical life form with your transpersonal “nonmaterial” Divine Self. Interestingly, chakras look similar in their shape to our home, the Milky Way Galaxy.

Windows of Perception

Your chakras are quite literally windows of perception for organizing the various dimensions of reality, and act much like energetic maps or blueprints you use to interpret the meaning of your life experiences.

It is at your Chakras that prana, or life force energy, is organized in its flow through your physical bodymind.

You might say chakras are portals of light for sending, receiving and perceiving information from the world. It is at the level of your chakras that you automatically attract, interpret and organize incoming data, as well as transmit vibrational signals.

Balancing of your 7 Major Chakras and the 8th and 9th chakras is the most important for maintaining your health and well-being.

Check out my Complete Chakra Healing (9 Book Bundle) and Complete Chakra & Energy Healing (9 Book Bundle) for more about chakras and how to balance and heal them with essential oils.


Angels are the Divine’s perfect unified ideas.

Angels are the pure light of 'consciousness’ as unified expression. Here there is ONLY the pure light of truth and perfect union. No opposites, judgments or projections can exist in this pure realm of consciousness.

Each of the following archangels is known for providing a particular function as Divine idea of the Creator.

Raphael - “God Heals.”
Raphael is the healing angel of the physical body. Raphael helps you to overcome addictions and protects and assists those in the healing and medical professions. 

Michael - “He who is like God.”
Michael is a warrior and protector angel who rids you of fear and dissolves your cords of attachment. He helps you to get clear and make changes, and protects those in the legal and military professions. 

Jophiel - “God’s Beauty.”
Jophiel is the angel of artists and protects and guides all those who seek to create beauty in the world. 

Gabriel - “God is my strength.”
Gabriel is the angel of mercy and compassion. Gabriel protects parents and children, assists with pregnancy, and helps purify the body, thoughts and emotions. Gabriel helps those whose life purpose involves communications and networking, i.e. writers, counselors, therapists, teachers and postal workers. 


Astrology is one of my primary Self Discovery tools. It is an excellent guide for getting on in life and great for the timing of events. You can get an inside look at why something is happening, how long it will be happening, and how to transcend it. Transcendence is ultimately the name of the game in life. 

My chart always helps me know how to make the most of whatever is occurring and turn obstacles into stepping stones.

Your astrology chart is the map of the territory you’ll be traversing in life. It’s like your very own personal GPS System you were born with that can help you navigate the currents of your life with more grace and ease. By using the map of your birth chart you’ll have a decided edge for making the most of your life opportunities.

I cracked the code on the essential oils to use for balancing astrology aspects like Mercury Retrograde. 

Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) first originated more than 2,500 years ago in ancient China. Its practice has evolved for many thousands of years. TCM practitioners use herbal medicine and different mind and body practices like acupuncture and tai chi to bring balance to the 5 elements and their associated organs. In this way TCM practitioners prevent and treat dis-ease.

A single essential oil or a blend of oils can be used, alone or in combination with other TCM practices like acupuncture, to help balance the 5 elements and organ meridians.

Find out how to use essential oils and recipes to use for balancing and healing subtle energies of the body in my newest award-winning book, The Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide: Over 250 Recipes for Natural Wholesome Aromatherapy.

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