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Acceptance Ending the Ego’s Power Games +EO Recipe 

At the fifth-stage of birthing the soul and death/dissolution of the ego mind there is surrender and acceptance of the truth about the dual nature of the mind. You can accept that you are capable of being both an angel or a devil, or a mix of both. Depending upon which aspects of the mind you feed with your feelings. Remember it is primarily the negative emotions like fear, anger, depression, envy and jealousy that fuel the ego mind. It is your awareness and acceptance of your light and dark elements that frees you to become whole and integrated as a unified being. At the acceptance stage you end the ego’s power games that always act to subvert you from...

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1-Week Calming Protocol Take Charge of the Noise +Calming EO Recipe

One of the most crucial steps to taking charge of yourself is to take charge of the influx of noise that may be accosting you. This means taking a time out from sources that may be producing aggravation and worry for you. Today, one of the key sources of overwhelm is excessive exposure to the media. Media exposure comes in many guises. You may find yourself unwittingly and addictively tuning into only a select few of your favorite media sources excessively. Continuous exposure to only a select few media sources, i.e. social media, radio, television, surfing the net, texting, email, etc. may not only sap your energy, but also program you to believe negatively about certain groups of people and...

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How to Stay Focused +Emotional Support EO Recipe

When so much is going on in your life the tendency can be to feel scattered and unfocused. You may feel you’re always running to catch up with life’s happenings. I’m going to share with you a very simple way for you to take charge and feel more in control. Once you get the hang of this exercise it will become automatic and natural for you to do. You won’t need to actually do the exercise I outline for you here. But, rather it will become second nature for you and you will do it automatically. At least, it happened that way for me. I know my priorities and stay laser focused on them. You’ll be able to get much...

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Stay Peaceful & Calm Releasing Emotional Attachments Meditation +EO Recipe

Emotional attachments can prevent you from experiencing peace and happiness in any given moment. No matter the outer circumstances you may be experiencing, releasing your emotional attachments can instantly shift you to a state of peace and harmony. Your preferences for ‘how life should be’ can keep you chained and resistant to ‘what is.’ That doesn't mean you don't work towards better and improved conditions for yourself and others. Breaking free of an unwillingness to accept what is actually empowers and propels you forward to the fulfillment of your destiny. Additionally your emotional attachments can lead to negative habits and addictions and keep you recreating the same story line for yourself, no matter what’s happening. In short, emotional attachments lead...

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