1-Week Calming Protocol Take Charge of the Noise +Calming EO Recipe

One of the most crucial steps to taking charge of yourself is to take charge of the influx of noise that may be accosting you. This means taking a time out from sources that may be producing aggravation and worry for you.

Today, one of the key sources of overwhelm is excessive exposure to the media.

Media exposure comes in many guises. You may find yourself unwittingly and addictively tuning into only a select few of your favorite media sources excessively. Continuous exposure to only a select few media sources, i.e. social media, radio, television, surfing the net, texting, email, etc. may not only sap your energy, but also program you to believe negatively about certain groups of people and world events. 

By selecting only a few media sources you also reduce your ability to see the width and breadth of opinions about the facts being reported.

Too many of us can listen to media and get programed to believe information that comes from unreliable sources. Then we spread the misinformation like it’s the truth and infect our friends and family with it. Too often media information runs rampant with gossip and hearsay, not real news grounded in facts.

One rule when ingesting information from various sources is to check the media sources, not just take what’s reported as the truth. Always check to make sure the information you’re consuming is coming from a credible source.

For example, too often today, because someone has a large social media following, they are seen as an expert and reliable source for information. Protect the sanctity of your own mental and emotional health by checking sources.

Also, checking a variety of media on a topic to see what’s being reported widely by other sources, is advisable. Is there consistency of reporting of the facts, or is it all just opinion and the media source offering only a biased view point. Everyone’s perception of the facts is different, so be your own best judge for what is relevant to your life.

If the media source's sole objective seems only to sensationalize and leave you feeling confused and angry that may be a sign that the source, or sources, are not healthy, or fit for your consumption. Media’s job is to inform, not manipulate, or influence you to its particular point of view.

Safeguard your mental and emotional health by being selective about what you expose yourself to and wean yourself off of media that is not in your best interest to ingest.

Use my simple prescription for a calming protocol, outlined below, and take charge of your mental and emotional space for a healthier you and healthier life. 

Key Essential Oil to Use

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) - is one of the most well loved and used essential oils in aromatherapy. Lavender is called the universal healer as it has a broad chemical profile and thus a broad application of use.

Fresh, sweet, floral and herbaceous

Chemical Family: Ester & Monoterpenol

  • Reputation as a universal healer
  • Calming, relaxing and anxiety reducing agent
  • Helps relieve tension 
  • Calming and soothing influence

Dispense 1-3 drops of Lavender pure essential oil on a cotton ball, or smell strip. Slowly introduce the oils into your system by breathing in their vapors. Exhale fully and inhale once more. Continue breathing the aromatic vapors for 30-60 seconds. Then allow yourself to rest for 5 minutes.

Simply by taking a moment to breathe in the vapors of your Lavender oil several times each day you will begin to train your mind to relax and be calm.

How to Stay Sane in an Insane World - Step 3

Calming Protocol - Take a 1-week Media Fast

This means:

  • NO television
  • NO news in any form, i.e. radio, blogs, etc.
  • Limit your email and text messaging to twice daily at noon and 4pm (answer ONLY messages that are high priority) You might set-up an auto-responder letting people know when you will next be available.
  • NO social media (as you can't control the information you're exposed to.
  • NO surfing the net

Tell your family members, close friends and your boss (if you have one) that you have been prescribed a 1--week Media Fast. Then, ask for their support. Explain to them how it important it is for you to have the rest.

If you desire some form of media I encourage you to watch entertaining and inspiring movies, listen to soothing and uplifting music, read fiction or listen to fiction in audio format that inspires optimism and hope.

You are taking a much needed time out from information overload and replacing it with pleasurable and uplifting pursuits.

After 1-week OFF media, coupled with essential oil inhalation, your mind will feel much calmer. You will be much more able to discern how various media is affecting your mental and emotional state.

You may wish to rethink your priorities about what you expose yourself to in the media and carefully monitor how you're affected by various types of media exposure. Then choose wisely!

During your 1-week media fast use your lavender oil frequently throughout the day. You can also try this calming EO recipe, or a restful and relaxing blend of your own.

Calming EO Recipe

To a 5ml (100 drops) euro-dropper bottle add:

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) - 40 drops
Red Mandarin (Citrus deliciosa) - 20 drops
Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) - 20 drops
Ylang Ylang III (Cananga odorata) - 20 drops

Cap bottle tightly and shake vigorously to mix your oils thoroughly. Allow to synergize for 12 hours, or longer before using.

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