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New Cycle Forward Progress Capricorn New Moon Astrology +Angel Meditation & EO to Use

Capricorn New MoonJanuary 11, 2024 What’s It All About? New Moons bring fresh starts and a new beginning of a cycle. Capricorn’s natural placement on the zodiac wheel is the 10th house. Saturn (the stern task master) is the ruling planet of Capricorn. The 10th house represents your career, executive power, status and standing in the world, how you are recognized on the world stage and your reputation. Your profession, marriage, honors, awards and achievement are all represented by your 10th house. Your status as a mother, father, grandparent, CEO and the like all show up here. Now you could experience a new beginning in your profession, or your status in the world could somehow be enhanced. Maybe you become...

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Resolution Security Matters Cancer Full Moon Astrology +Angel Meditation & EO

Cancer Full Moon December 26, 2023 What’s It All About? All matters related to Cancer (home, family, roots, security) are in the spotlight for celebration and completion. Things can now come full circle for you in this area of your life. The Cancer Full Moon marks a time of celebration for home and family. Early childhood issues can be illuminated for a full and complete disclosure that may be long overdue. Letting go of deeply rooted past family issues is important if you’re to enjoy the fulfillment of dreams yet to come. Cancer Personality Cancer natives can be quite goofy with a lively sense of humor. They’re sense of light heartedness can mask a deep insecurity. This is because Cancer’s...

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Fun Surprises! Leo New Moon Astrology +Angel EO Meditation

Leo New Moon August 16, 2023 What’s It All About? A New Moon always brings new beginnings and fresh starts in the area of your personal life where the new moon is occurring. This can be a sunny time for you when you experience more of a cheerful disposition and warm heartedness towards others, Leo Personality Leo’s characteristic charm may be on full display now. Ruled by the sun, Leos have a sunny and cheerful disposition, are warm hearted, courageous, brave, expressive, creative, big-hearted, generous, confident, ambitious, loyal and fiercely protective of close family and friends. Leo rules the heart, spine, spinal system and upper back. Leos have a tremendous sense of honor. They are said to have the backbone...

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Psychic Sensitivity Setting a New Course Cancer New Moon +Angel EO Meditation

Cancer New Moon July 17, 2023 What’s It All About? The moon represents the most sensitive area in your natal chart. Women, especially as they mature emotionally, are more affected by the area of their chart (the house) where their natal moon is located. Your moon is your spiritual divining rod. How psychically sensitive you are, along with your intuitive capacity, are governed by this area of your chart. As the moon’s natural placement in the zodiac is the 4th house everyone is more psychically attuned to matters related to this house. How was your early childhood? Did you feel safe and secure? What were the childhood influences and home environment like? The U.S. was born under a Cancer Sun...

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Travel Lightly Gemini New Moon Astrology +Angel Meditation

Gemini New Moon June 17, 2023 What’s It All About? Mercury (the ruler of the Gemini New Moon) is currently transiting Gemini which adds a great deal of potency to this New Moon. Saturn is also Stationary Retrograde in Pisces which signals the potential for a return to the negotiating table. Compassion is the dictate of Pisces energy. There can be a welcomed return of what may have seemed like a missed opportunity. It’s time for any kind of do over related to structures in life, so that they are balanced and more equitable. Gemini Personality Gemini’s are playful and intellectually curious, bordering on nosiness. They are flexible, extroverts by nature, talkative and quick minded sometimes to the extreme. Their...

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