Best Oils to Make Your Skin Happy!

For beautiful healthy and radiant skin try a skin care routine like the one I’m sharing with you and as featured in my newest award-winning book, The Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide.

You can customize your skin care routine to suit your
individual needs. Please keep in mind to use the essential oils that are right for your skin type or condition for best results.

Your Skin Type

Skin falls into five main types: normal, oily, dry, sensitive and combination. Your face may actually be one or more of these categories, and different areas of your face can be more dry, oily, healthy or unhealthy.

  1. Normal skin is usually characterized as neither dry nor oily. It feels supple and smooth to the touch with few imperfections and no sensitivity. The skin pores are almost invisible and the skin looks radiant and glowing. Little care is needed for normal skin types.
  2. Oily skin is characterized by large pores, and often greasy or shiny complexion. There is more prevalence to pimples and blemishes. Stress, hormonal imbalances and exposure to harsh environmental influences may negatively impact oily skin conditions.
  3. Dry skin can look dull, taut with dry, flaky skin. It is less elastic and the pores can be fine and less visible. The complexion can look uneven. Again, stress, hormone imbalance and environmental influences may play a factor.
  4. Sensitive skin types may be red, burning, itchy, dry or tender to the touch. As with oily and dry skin types sensitive skin can indicate an over reaction to something in the environment or one’s diet, as well as hormonal imbalances.
  5. Combination skin is the most common skin type. It is a combination of all three skin types and can vary from perfectly healthy to overly dry or oily. Frequently the combination skin type has a T-zone of oily skin (across the forehead, down the nose to the chin) and everywhere else is either normal to dry.

Fortunately, when you use the right essential oils for your skin type, or combination skin you can completely normalize and balance out your skin's condition in a short period of time.

My skin use to be excessively oily with a chronic tendency to break-outs. However, since using the simple skin care routine I'm sharing with you (now more than 20 years) I long ago stopped having any skin problems. 

Now you can know exactly which essential oils to use for your skin type, or make a blend of oils that will work for your particular combination skin type.

The secret to choosing a skincare routine that works for you is to keep it simple and be consistent.

Best Essential Oils to Use by Skin Type and Condition.

Click on the oil(s) recommended to find out more information on each. Any safety cautions are noted.

Fade Lines and Scars

Rose (Rosa damascena) - Maximum dermal use level 0.6%

Dry Skin

Ylang Ylang III (Cananga odorata) - Skin sensitization (moderate risk). Avoid use with disease or damaged skin, and children under 2 years of age. Maximum dermal use level 0.8%.

Mature and Combination Skin

Rose Geranium (Pelargonium Roseum) - Skin sensitization (low risk). Possible drug interaction with oral use for diabetes medication, drugs metabolized by CYP2B6. Maximum dermal use level 17.5%.

Oily Skin

Cypress (Cupressus Sempervirens) - No known cautions

Sensitive or Problem Skin

German Chamomile (Matricaria Chamomila) - Drug interaction (all routes)  for drugs metabolized by CYP2D6.

Minor Skin Irritations

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) - No known cautions

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