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Best Oils to Make Your Skin Happy!

For beautiful healthy and radiant skin try a skin care routine like the one I’m sharing with you and as featured in my newest award-winning book, The Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide. You can customize your skin care routine to suit your individual needs. Please keep in mind to use the essential oils that are right for your skin type or condition for best results.Your Skin Type Skin falls into five main types: normal, oily, dry, sensitive and combination. Your face may actually be one or more of these categories, and different areas of your face can be more dry, oily, healthy or unhealthy. Normal skin is usually characterized as neither dry nor oily. It feels supple and smooth to the touch...

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Elixirs of Youth

Eternal youth and physical immortality have captured our imagination for thousands of years. Explorers have long sought elixirs for eternal beauty and youth that would protect against aging. Today, many types of research are being conducted in the science of genetics that may slow down or even stop the aging process. Try these eight essential oils to promote beauty and eternal youth. Each oil is known for its potent restorative and regenerative properties and may be helpful for slowing down or even reversing signs of aging. 8 Essential Oils For Beauty 1. Ylang-Ylang (Cananga Odorata) Steam distilled flowers (beauty oil neutralizes negativity), regenerative, and restorative for skin and hair). Best location for growing and distilling ylang-ylang is the Reunion Islands,...

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Healing ‘Salt Glow’ Home Spa Treatment with Essential Oil

For a variety of skin conditions use your Healing 'Salt Glow' to freshen and renew your skin before your bath or shower. Preparation – what you will need: Small ceramic bowl 1-4 teaspoon favorite carrier oil (jojoba, rose, light coconut oil) 1 cup sea salt or Celtic or Grey sea salt (detoxifier) 1-4 drops pure essential oil Sterilized instrument such as a stainless steel teaspoon Celtic or Grey sea salt has a more coarse and plump texture. Because of its green clay content it is a more powerful detoxifier and better suited for smoothing out more rough and weathered skin. For more delicate skin areas you may prefer the regular sea salt. RECOMMENDED Pure Essential to use and why: ROSE...

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