I Am Responsible for How I See My Life. I Can Choose What My Life Means Angelic Assistance & EOs to Use

You are the one who chooses the feelings you will experience in life.

Have you ever considered that if we live in a world that is one with itself in which all are one, then it should follow that we live in a no fault universe. In that case, no one is to blame for what happens.

The point of this life school experience is all about learning how to navigate your ship across the ocean of life in a way that attracts what you love.

We are all involved in the Earth school of life in a process of transformation. Either we advance to the next level, or we must repeat lessons until we learn and can graduate to the upper levels of the life experience. The choice is ours.

One of the most important lessons to be achieved is the lesson of giving with no thought of getting in return. Giving is its own reward. This is one of the most valuable lessons. Such deep trust is required to realize this life lesson that it is beyond comprehension by the little/conscious mind to realize. You must transcend your lower mind in order to perceive the reality of this lesson. This requires a great leap of faith that the lower mind is not capable of.

We are all engaged in a process of evolution as one self. Our eventual realization of this is a given. Someday we shall illumine the entire world with this spiritual insight and understanding. It’s already happening to be realized at any moment. Don’t keep yourself waiting in suspense any longer. Accept the unacceptable and be free. The light is shining for all to see in you and in me.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Am I automatically choosing the same feelings I experience every day?

  • Do I have a range of feelings I experience?

  • Do I primarily experience low vibration thoughts and feelings?
  • How frequently do I allow myself to feel good about my life?

  • Does everything seem to just happen to me?

  • Do I connect the dots between what is happening in my life and what I am asking for with my thoughts and feelings/vibrational frequency?

  • What part do I play in my life experience?

  • Am I a passive observer reacting to life events?

  • How often do I practice forgiveness and letting go?

  • How often do I feel at peace in my life?

Questions for Deeper Insight

  • Are you aware of your own vibrational frequency at the deepest level of your being?

  • The universe is constantly mirroring what it is you truly feel and think. Isn’t it about time you started to listen ever more deeply to what life is saying to you?

Final Question

  • Are you willing to see only the light in others?

Life Lesson - Choose to be kind and gracious to everyone. Just applying this one life lesson will change how you experience your life for the better. Try it and see!

Best Essential Oil for Clarity & Opening Your 3rd Eye

Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) - Cold Pressed Fresh Peel

Aroma: Fresh, sweet, citrus and fruity

Clarity Blend

To a 5ml (100 drops) colored glass euro-dropper bottle add:

  • Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) - 40 drops
  • Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) - 20 drops
  • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) - 20 drops
  • Ylang Ylang (Canang odorata) - 20 drops

Cap bottle tightly and shake bottle vigorously to blend oils thoroughly together. Allow to synergize for 12 hours, or longer, before using.


  • Promotes healing/balance of obsessive compulsive thoughts and emotions
  • Helpful for alleviating recurring nightmares
  • Helpful for relieving repetitive, unconscious thoughts and experiences
  • Supports your ability to discern the difference between fact and fantasy
  • Helps dispel feelings of being out of control
  • Helps unlock your creativity
  • Helps to dispel imaginative darkness
  • Supports your ability to focus
  • Supports you to take inspired action to manifest your intentions and dreams

Additionally, the Clarity Blend can help facilitate the opening of your sixth (brow) chakra. Your sixth chakra is considered your central command center where you focus your attention and intention for manifesting in the world. In Sanskrit the sixth chakra is known as the Ajna chakra. Translated Ajna means “command’ and refers to your capacity for intuitive wisdom and to know the truth.

Your sixth chakra is your vital life force energy representing your paranormal, extrasensory or super-sensible capacity. Its nature and primary function relates to your subtle five senses and your sixth sense of intuition.

Since the Pituitary gland operates as a master gland, influencing the healthy function of our entire endocrine system and hormonal balance, its healthy function is of paramount importance. 

Archangel to Assist You

Ariel “Lion or lioness of God”

Archangel Ariel is a creator angel. As such, s/he oversees creation and manifestation in the physical/material world. Ariel is considered a key protector of the natural world. S/he especially protects wild animals, the birds and fishes. Ariel oversees all of the elemental forces of air, earth, fire and water. An angel of environmentalism, Ariel protects the environment and assists with growing our environmental awareness. Ariel can help with increasing your manifestation power, abundance and good luck.

Colors associated with Ariel are soft pinks, silvery whites and pale shades of blue.

Tips for how to get the most benefit from these lessons:

At the beginning of your day while in a relaxed state of mind focus on the current day's lesson. For instance this week's lesson is, “I Am Responsible for How I See My Life. I Choose What My Life Means.” Most of these lessons will be published bi-weekly, so you can focus on each lesson for two weeks duration. Remind yourself about the day's lesson frequently throughout your day. You can write the lesson on post-it notes and place them around your house as a reminder. Notice when opportunities arise to put the lesson into practice. Take note of your response. Ask yourself if you want to experience peace of mind, or experience conflict? On going to bed before falling asleep remind yourself about the day's lesson. How did you choose to respond to life events and what did you learn. This is the twelfth and final lesson in this series.

KG’S NOTE: You can use this series of articles as a course of lessons to help you shift and elevate your vibration to attract better outcomes for yourself. This series is based upon the principles of both, A Course in Miracles and Attitudinal Healing. Through the series you will have an opportunity to experiment and do your own self discovery work. You can allow yourself to be empowered to use time to train your mind to focus on love instead of fear. I invite you to experiment with these lessons to become aware of your ability to choose what you want to experience in life.

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