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Revelations Scorpio Super Full Moon Astrology +Meditation & EO Recipe

The Scorpio Super Full Moon is the second Super Moon of 2021. Much can come to fruition at this time. Dark forces at work beneath the surface may also be exposed. Scorpio is known for its passion and depth. The energy of Scorpio is complex with mysterious underpinnings not apparent to the casual observer. Scorpio has two planetary rulers. Its old ruler is Mars, the planet of war, energy and action. Its new ruler is the planet Pluto, the planet of regeneration and healing. There are three stages for evolution of Scorpio energy. The first stage is represented by the reptilian survival instincts. The second stage is the eagle, flying above events and seeing things from the advantage of greater...

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Simple Skin Care Beauty Secret Essential Oil Repair Butter Recipe

Essential Oil Repair Butter for Body and FaceRepair butter is excellent for moisturizing and deep healing of skin cell tissue. Use on body parts that are weathered, dry, cracked or chapped like the soles of feet and heels, or have signs of premature aging i.e. face lines and wrinkles. The waxy substance of this regenerative repair butter when applied topically on skin acts as an intensive long wear protective barrier to the elements, as well as well helps to moisturize and heal the skin. 3 Repair Butter Formulas This is an intensive, long wear repair butter that is non greasy and petroleum free repair butter is formulated to moisturize and heal aging, dry, or cracked skin. Very easy to make,...

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Your “False” Emotional Nature - 6 Roles the ‘Inner’ Drama Queen/King Plays Essential Oils to Use

Your emotions control the  quality of your life experience.Want to feel peaceful, happy and successful ALL the time?  This article will show you ‘why’ you aren't (if not) and what you can do about it, or how to immediately improve the quality of your emotions and life experience. Research has shown that most of our ‘emotional’ experiences are based on "false" perceptions. In other words you experience life according to the ‘meaning’ you give to life events, not what is actually happening. In other words the personal meaning you give to any life experience is what gives you the emotional experience of peace, happiness and success. Your ‘False’ Emotional Nature How you respond to events in life is a reflection of...

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Essential Oils to Use on Thanksgiving Day

Essential oils can be used to enhance your celebrations and practice of abundance this Thanksgiving day, which is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is a practice that has evolved over time, many of its roots pre-date written history. Traditionally throughout its known heritage a day of giving thanks always has aspects of harvest, as well as celebration. It is also a time of remembrance for what has been and what is to come. The practice of honoring the cycle of life and its renewal through time is a key theme of every Thanksgiving celebration. An example of this continuance of life though the practice of abundance in time can be found in the tradition of “Thanksgiving Day” practiced by Americans which...

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Celebrate "Day of the Dead" Essential Oils

'Day of the Dead' is a time of celebration when festivals and parades are offered as a way to help support our loved ones and those who have died on their journey in the afterlife. Stay tuned to get guidance for rituals and best essential oils to use that ties-in with your celebration. The spirit of your loved ones will partake of the essence of the oils, and you can take gifts to the graves of your departed loved ones at the end of your celebration. READ my article in this series, Best Day of the Dead Celebration Rituals Using Altars, Essential Oils and Food.  

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