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I Am Responsible for How I See My Life. I Can Choose What My Life Means Angelic Assistance & EOs to Use

You are the one who chooses the feelings you will experience in life. Have you ever considered that if we live in a world that is one with itself in which all are one, then it should follow that we live in a no fault universe. In that case, no one is to blame for what happens.The point of this life school experience is all about learning how to navigate your ship across the ocean of life in a way that attracts what you love. We are all involved in the Earth school of life in a process of transformation. Either we advance to the next level, or we must repeat lessons until we learn and can graduate to the...

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What Am I REALLY Upset About? Angelic Assistance & EO to Use

Do you give your power for being happy and okay in the world to external circumstances that are beyond your control? Upset feelings usually imprison you in some negative camp of emotions like anger, or frustration, jealousy, or depression. These negative emotional responses are usually to things ‘seemingly’ not going your way. You fear things not going the way you want means __________ what? Fill in the blank. What do you tell yourself about what is, or isn’t occurring? You always have the choice of feeling fearful about what is happening, or responding with love. You can take your power back at any moment. You have a choice! Having the choice to decide for yourself how you will feel and...

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