Your “False” Emotional Nature - 6 Roles the ‘Inner’ Drama Queen/King Plays Essential Oils to Use

Your emotions control the  quality of your life experience.

Want to feel peaceful, happy and successful ALL the time?  

This article will show you ‘why’ you aren't (if not) and what you can do about it, or how to immediately improve the quality of your emotions and life experience.

Research has shown that most of our ‘emotional’ experiences are based on "false" perceptions. In other words you experience life according to the ‘meaning’ you give to life events, not what is actually happening.

In other words the personal meaning you give to any life experience is what gives you the emotional experience of peace, happiness and success.

Your ‘False’ Emotional Nature

How you respond to events in life is a reflection of how you think and feel about yourself and others at an inner level.  

Another way to say this, “You experience life as you are, not as it is." 

Fascinating research findings show that every image or thought is anchored to an emotional feeling state.

This means that your mind has a mental model or map that controls how you feel and think about everything based upon predisposed mental and emotional habits you either inherited, or were conditioned with at a very early age.

Certain feeling states automatically trigger certain images and vice versa. Your thoughts and emotions are wired together. Thoughts and emotions that are wired together, fire together!

Does your mind play the role of an ‘inner’ Drama King or Queen?

A Drama King or Queen is someone who is always over-reacting to events in a melodramatic way.

Drama Queens and Kings need constant validation and reassurance and can really sap your energy.

6 - Roles The ‘Inner’ Drama Queen/King Plays, Paired With Their Emotional Reactions, And Best Essential Oils To Use For Each.

Do you or anyone you know suffer with any of these "false" emotions?


1 - Abandonment -
The 'inner' role of Abandonment predisposes you to feelings of Anxiety and Panic. 

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) -
Sweet, earthy, balsamic, exotic, sensual, smoky and woody scent.

  • Excellent for balancing the First Chakra.
  • High Sesquiterpenoid content gives grounding, calming, relaxing effect.

2 - Deprivation & Lack - The 'inner' role of Deprivation and Lack is characterized by feelings of Depression, Grief and Jealousy.

Frankincense (Boswellia frereana) -  Warm, sweet, balsamic, resinous, woody, exotic and sensual scent.

  • A 'Holy' oil from ancient time thought more valuable than gold.
  • Promotes integrity with Self.
  • Helpful meditative and spiritual practices.
  • Provides natural soothing and comforting support.
  • An immune stimulant, helpful for building stamina.

3 - The Slave - The 'inner' role of Slave is dependent upon other's good graces and characterized by persistent feelings of Anger and Resentment.

Atlas Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) - Balsamic, rich, sweet, warm and woody scent, with fruity and honey undertones.

  • One of most grounding stabilizing oils in aromatherapy.
  • Used extensively in perfume industry.
  • Promotes self esteem and courage.

4 - Mistrust - The 'inner' role of mistrust is characterized by chronic feelings of Rage and Fear of Loss of Control.

Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) - Fresh, sweet, citrus and fruity scent.

  • Powerful cleanser and cleaner.
  • A rejuvenating body tonic.
  • Promotes happiness, eases tension.

5 - The Unlovable - The 'inner' role of the Unlovable suffers from feelings of Impatience and a Careless Attitude.

Ylang Ylang III (Cananga odorata) - Sweet, floral, balsamic, exotic, sensual and earthy scent.

  • High Sesquiterpene content gives calming action
  • Useful for dispelling fear and anxiety
  • Cultivated for perfume trade like Jasmine and Rose 
  • Helps men develop feminine, intuitive side of their nature
  • Used in beauty and skin care
  • Promotes cellular regeneration

6 - Social Misfit - The 'inner' role of the Misfit is characterized by feelings of Chronic Rage and Depression which may be expressed as some form of addiction.

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) - Fresh, sweet, fruity, citrus, spicy and floral scent.

  • Promotes anxiety relief.
  • Calming and balancing effect.
  • Brightens and cheers.

Of course there are more roles 'Inner' Drama Queens/Kings, can play these are just a small sampling of the most well-known.

Also, you can have more than one 'Inner' Drama Queens/Kings playing a role in the mind at a time which can be very confusing.

The next giant step for humankind is the evolution of our consciousness and social awareness. 

Essential oils are one of the easiest and most effective tools for calming and stabilizing the mind and emotions, as well as evolving consciousness. 

Find out the one final crucial step you must take to “Feel Peaceful Happy and Successful ALL the Time” in my next article.

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