Emotional Healing - The 6 Inner Divas Unmasked Essential Oil to Use

The telltale sign of emotional health is openness to life and adaptability.

Fear of life can be felt as a physical sensation of resistance or tension in the body. Overtime fear, felt as tension within your body, results in chronic physical pain, as well as other physical symptoms and even disease.

Resistance also manifests as chronic feeling states, emotions and thoughts such as anxiety, worry, depression, frustration and anger.

Remember cartoonist Charles Schultz's lovable Pig Pen character. We loved Pig Pen BECAUSE he always happily walked around in his own private dust storm. Pig Pen was completely at ease with his “stuff” and always carried himself with dignity. 

Well, like Pig Pen, most of us walk around with auric fields just as cloudy and full of dust particles. The difference being that Pig Pen owned his private dust storm that followed him wherever he went.

We are no less lovable because of our dust storms and cloudy auric fields. 

So, how can we all become more like Pig Pen?

In my last article, ‘Your "False" Emotional Nature’, you discovered six roles of the ‘Inner’ Drama Queen/King and their Emotional Reactions.

A Simple Shift in Attitude

Here’s how you become a lovable Pig Pen and live your ‘Inner’ dust storms with dignity.

Let go of Judgment of yourself or others. Another word for Resistance is Judgment. That's right, Judgment. Judgment blocks the flow of love and all good things in your life.

Your Judgment is WHY you Fear and Resist life and the ‘Inner’ Drama Queen/King. You are simply Mirroring your Fear and Resistance to playing that Role.

Someone else in your life may have to show up to play the ‘Inner’ Drama Queen/King role for you, just so you can stop judging that kind of behavior.

As soon as you ACCEPT the ‘Inner’ Drama Queen/King role and stop sending it signals of fear, resistance and judgment the sooner the negative emotional reactions will subside and eventually stop.

Here’s how it works:


When you accept any fear and resistance you might have about Abandonment the need for Anxiety and Panic Attacks will subside and eventually stop.

The biggest Abandonment you must face is Self Abandonment. For instance, do you ever let yourself down in some way, break a promise to yourself, or don’t stand up for yourself? We all do at one time or another. Stop judging, start owning and this pattern will begin to shift for you.

Deprivation and Lack

When you accept any fear and resistance you might have about feeling Deprived, Not Having Enough or Being Good Enough then Depression and Jealousy will begin to subside and eventually stop. 

The Slave

When you accept any fear and resistance you might have about Feeling Dependent upon any other person’s good graces then the resulting persistent feelings of Anger and Resentment will begin to subside and eventually go away. People are channels for good in your life, not the source.


When you accept any fear and resistance you might have about Trusting Yourself or Others your feelings of Rage and Fear of Loss of Control will begin to subside and eventually stop. Mistrust can often become entangled with Abandonment issues, so check out the section on Abandonment.

The Unlovable Child

When you accept any fear and resistance you might have about being Lovable and Loving Yourself you will begin to develop more Patience and a Sense of Carefulness in your Attitude. Giving yourself the Self Love, Self Respect, Self Acceptance you want opens you to receiving more from life.

Social Misfit

When you accept any fear and resistance you might have about Belonging then any chronic feelings of Rage and Depression will begin to subside and eventually stop. Belonging to Yourself is the root of all Belonging. You are always the Perfect Fit with You.

The Miracle

This shift in your 'Inner' attitude and way of looking at things from Fear and Resistance to Acceptance starts a Reorganization and Rebalancing of your entire perceptual “nervous” system which naturally gives rise to a relaxed state of awareness and well-being.

Your nervous system is the physical counterpart of your mind, and so once your nervous system begins to reorganize to a more balanced state your mind naturally begins to calm down and life flows more harmoniously.

You’ll discover that feeling peaceful, happy and successful is as easy as falling off a log.

You just relax and let go, and the rest happens naturally.

Can You Answer These Questions Honestly?

Do you have a favorite way of playing hide and seek with yourself? Do you make excuses? The more excuses the more you play games with yourself.

Are you playing “at” life, or are you showing up fully and playing the Star role in your life?

Best Essential Oils to Shift Your Attitude 

Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) - The scent is fresh, sweet, floral and herbaceous.

  • Reputation as a universal healer with all purpose application
  • Absolute classic oil for promoting relief of burns
  • A sedative lavender relieves stress and calms angry situations
  • Psycho-emotionally excellent for breaking negative self talk

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus) - The scent is fresh, lemony, sweet and herbaceous.

  • Refreshes and renews your life energies
  • Promotes release of negative blockages
  • Wealth attraction oil, alone or in a blend
  • Research indicates that Lemongrass oil has a sedating effect on the central nervous system
  • Promote relief of muscle aches and spasms

Ylang Ylang III (Canaga odorata) - Sweet, floral, balsamic, exotic, sensual and earthy scent.

  • High Sesquiterpene content gives antispasmodic and sedative action
  • Useful for dispelling fear, depression and anxiety
  • Cultivated for perfume trade like Jasmine and Rose 
  • Healing oil for men to help develop feminine side of their nature
  • Used in beauty and skin care
  • Plant hormones promote cellular regeneration

    READ my first Blog in this series, Your "False" Emotional Nature 6 Roles the 'Inner' Drama Queen/King Plays Essential Oils to Use.

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